End corruption within Maury County Tennessee Sherrif's Department !!!
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Mark Gwyn
Maury County sherriff
Enoch George
Cheif deputy
Nathen Jones
Tennessee Governor
Tennessee State Senate
Tennessee State House
State Rep. Sheila Butt
Gov. Bill Haslam
Sen. Bob Corker
Sen. Lamar Alexander

End corruption within Maury County Tennessee Sherrif's Department !!!

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      Old Hickory, TN

There is enormous corruption issues and flaws within the Maury County,Tennessee Sherriffs Department. Through several reliable and willing deputies,Detectives, and patrol cops that work under the Sherrif I have interviewed and  collected this information. I was only asked not to disclose anyones name in this petetion,due to being in danger of losing there jobs. Several deputies and patrol cops mentioned numerous times, that, other officers working on the police force without High School Diploma's or without proper firearm carrying permits. Detectives pointed out that the Sherriff has come to them numerous times in the past to tell them to stop proof on the most current murder investigation, which they were conducting at the present time?!Through crooked politics and green cash the Sherriff has had  several unnessasary brutal murders overuled as  suicides? For this Sherriff to confront and lie to  the murder victims families; and tell mothers and fathers that there child was evidently unstable and commited suicide?! this is Bizarre behavior!!  Lets help vote Enoch George out  of office as  Maury County Sherriff  immediately !!!!

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