End Clinton's Failed NAFTA. American Workers Are Not Disposable Cups
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End Clinton's Failed NAFTA. American Workers Are Not Disposable Cups

    1. Marie Gassaway
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      Marie Gassaway

      Lebanon, TN

            The North American Free Trade Agreement is killing the United States.  When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law on December 8th, 1993, he unknowingly unleashed a holocaust that would destroy thousands of jobs, lives, and towns. Like Ross Perot predicted during his presidential campaign, America’s passing of NAFTA created a “giant sucking sound,” which pulled many U.S. jobs to Mexico or other countries that provide inhumanly low wages to its workers. We must repeal NAFTA immediately to ensure Americans those jobs once again. Representative Mike McIntyre introduced a bill called H.R. 29 that would prompt America to exit out of the trade pact 60 days after H.R. 29 comes into effect. Sign this petition and make the House of Representatives stop stalling; let’s rally together and make them sign the bill into law. One distraught voice in the unemployment line may not engender much compassion from the legislature, but thousands of voices rising in protest surely can prompt change.

            NAFTA’s hugely negative effects may be seen in different areas of the world. Once 2001 hit, NAFTA allowed for investments of up to 51 percent in Mexico, which caused companies to move there. Mexican workers receive a significantly lower sum of money than Americans (They receive around $3 per hour while Americans make around $8 per hour. Companies continue to leave our country. Americans are forced to find work through temporary job agencies with no insurance, no retirement, no holiday or vacation pay, no air conditioning, and no job security). Toshiba America, Inc. had a manufacturing plant making televisions for over 30 years in Lebanon, TN, but left and went to Mexico because of NAFTA’s implementation of 51% for transportation in 2001. Toshiba told us workers they would leave soon. They ceased making televisions in America by 2007. I and my husband became unemployed because of their greed!  Because of the corporations’ utterly selfish motives, unemployment in America is rampant, and workers in our country are treated as disposable cups.

            Meanwhile, America remains in dire straits due to NAFTA. Before NAFTA’s implementation, the U.S. had a $10 million trade surplus with Mexico. However, by 2007, NAFTA had slashed into that surplus, leaving a $91 billion trade deficit in its wake. The companies that remain behind in America simply fire and hire employees at will since NAFTA created a tidal wave of unemployed Americans to choose from. They drain all of the energy from their employees at low prices and fire those battered souls once their weary bodies can no longer keep up with production or the heat.

            Please sign this petition so we can jolt our House of Representatives into caring about our country’s economy and jobs! Let’s force the House Ways and Means Committee to sign the H.R. 29 bill instead of allowing it to stall. The key to economic prosperity is a country full of citizens who come together and force its leaders to see the folly of their ways and change policies. The first step toward America healing its wounded, bleeding economy is to draw our jobs back from foreign countries and onto our shores where they belong. Companies need to treat their employees with dignity and respect and not as disposable cups, no matter what country they work in!


House Ways and Means Committee
Barack Obama, U.S. President
U.S. House of Representatives, Congress
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Repeal NAFTA

Our country bleeds so many jobs and continues to lose jobs on a daily basis. Our jobs must stop being sent overseas.

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    • Wesley Merritt YAPHANK, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      We should make what we consume.

    • Kyle Mekulik NEWBURGH, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Need to bring back good jobs to the US

    • Timothy Paich LOVELADIES, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      This is to help with the economic downturn. I have a petition below that’s for the economy and ridiculous gas prices and other things affecting us. Let’s sign mine. I need 1,000 signatures in total.


      We should also take a stand against greed. I blamed it all on high gas prices for driving schools on waiting lists. It's common sense for first time learners for driving to have behind the wheel for car insurance reduction and most important safety of learning.

      We are taking stands against greed as well. You people who signed this petition should sign mine if you haven't. The author of this petition should sign mine on the link as well if haven’t.


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