Encourage the NZ Government to Provide Funds in Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis
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Encourage the NZ Government to Provide Funds in Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis

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An estimated 12 million people are on the verge of starvation due to lack of rain over two consecutive seasons, escalating food prices and conflict in Somalia. It is being describes as the worst drought in 60 years. The countries affected are Somalia, South east of Ethiopia, Northern Kenya and the Karamoja region of Northern Uganda. Stock and crop losses are high across all affected countries Refugees fleeing conflict and forced to move for food are pouring into Kenya putting pressure on resources in refugee camps. More than 1,300 people - the majority of whom are youngsters - are arriving in the Dadaab refugee camp in eastern Kenya near the border with Somalia every day. Many have walked for days without food and water and are arriving close to death in some cases, especially children and women. The international community needs to respond generously.

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      The New Zealand government is releasing $2 million towards the crisis in the Horn of Africa. Half of that will be delivered through the World Food Programme and half through New Zealand NGO's active in the area.

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    • kirstin harray KATIKATI, NEW ZEALAND
      • over 3 years ago

      Thank you for taking the situation in the horn of Africa seriously. We must never forget.... that these people, though it is an astonishing number like 12million... that they are still people- they are all individuals..... we share the same humanity.

      As I am a sister... so many of them are sisters...

      As you are a son/daughter... so are they.

      As everyday we have a plethora of food before us, and we let so much go to waste..... we forget of the necessity of food and water for survival.... we are too connected in this world to not care.

      I urge you to care and I ask you to ACT!

      As a government, you represent NZ. Please allow this country's voice to be heard. WE ARE SAYING:

      'yes, we see you in the horn of Africa, and yes, New Zealand cares'

      I trust that you will take this petition seriously.

      Sincere thanks.




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