Emil Boc, Mayor of Cluj ,Romania and his Police Department: To investigate and bring justice to the horrific abusers of two small dogs
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Emil Boc, Mayor of Cluj ,Romania and his Police Department: To investigate and bring justice to the horrific abusers of two small dogs

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      Action Aid for Animals


Demand Justice for Lily, a dog beaten and stabbed, impregnated with diesel fuel and left for dead. Then authorities allow abusers to go free



This is about a small dog called Lily and her brother. Two small stray dogs just trying to survive in the cruel region of Cluj Romania. Here as with the majority of Romania, dogs are seen as vermin to treat as you want, to do what you want, abuse mame and torture as you want. Abusers of the animals know full well that regardless that there are laws in place to protect domestic and stray animals, they can do whatever they want. Because the corruption and greed of the regional government and national government will protect them.



They know that Cluj's own mayor Emil Boc and his police department care not for the law nor the animals that are meant to be protected by these same laws. After all, dog killing is a profitable business in Romania and every human along the way makes a nice tidy profit from the brutality and inevitable painful death of each of its victims. So what does it matter to Emil Boc and his merry men if two small dogs have been brutally beaten, Lilys brother having died from his injuries, both of them have had one of their eyes gauged out with sticks and defenceless small Lily was held down and forcibly impregnated with diesel?


Clues to Lily and her brothers abusers lay everywhere, the pole that was used to beat and impregnate Lily, the sticks used to brutality beat both dogs time and time again, over and over. There is no doubt fingerprints will be found on these weapons, the scene itself will without doubt have traces of the abusers DNA.



The fact is the Mayor and his police department they can not be bothered with what they would deem a waste of resources and time. Some people out there may think the same, one vile incident, sometimes these things happen. You would be mistaken, you see in Cluj, as with all regions of Romania this type of crime happens to the strays every single day and time and time again Emil Boc as do all the other city hall officials and police departments in Romania choose to ignore it.



We refuse to let Lilys torturers and abusers be let off so lightly. We refuse to allow her brothers horrific death to be in vain. There lives were NOT worthless, and they deserve justice.



The evidence is there to catch the abusers if the police department so wished, and even if they did not wish to pursue this case the mayor has it within his powers to order them to investigate and bring the abusers to justice.



Join with us today to demand The police department of Cluj and the mayor and city hall, once and for all actually stand by Romanian law and do all they can to investigate, catch and charge the abusers. For once, not to make mockery of the Romanian legal system, for once......To give worth to the lives of two small dogs and for one who is still battling for her life.




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    2. Update on Lily

      Lily now is starting to heal physically. She was taken to a vet and is now in foster doing very well. She has started eat solid food and the medication is doing what it is meant to. Whether the mental scars will heal, only time can tell. In regards to the mayor doing anything about this, a guy ( though we know this had to have been a gang) has been brought into custody but yet to be charged. So thank you for your support it has done something, however please do not think this is the end of it as time and again this happens and they arrest someone to save face then let them go. WIll update you all more as and when. Best wishes
      Kendra, from Action Aid for Animals

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    Reasons for signing

    • Kerstin Martens EBERSWALDE, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      stop killing the dogs!!!

      out of EU Romaina now!!!

    • juliana kanazireva ATHENS, GREECE
      • 9 months ago


      • 9 months ago

      nothing on earth that has a heartbeat should suffer

    • Sabrina Goos GERMANY
      • 9 months ago

      Because I love animals.

    • Gail Powell FLEMINGTON, NJ
      • 9 months ago

      This is just pure evil. What will it teach the children, this is not okay, should not be allowed, and should be punishable. Please act quickly so that another poor animal will not suffer at the hands of man. The poor strays are already a product of man.


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