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Parar la tortura en contra de los gatitos en la Quebrada Peru
  • Petitioned Embajador de Peru en España : Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli

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Embajada de Peru en España Union Europea
Embajador de Peru en España : Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli

Parar la tortura en contra de los gatitos en la Quebrada Peru

    1. david omar jovel merino
    2. Petition by

      david omar jovel merino

      Oslo, Norway

With all respect mr. Francisco Eguiguren Praeli.

We here the persons who sign this petitiotn relationed to the torture and consum of innocents kittens in the city from LA QUEBRADA in Peru your country.

We the cityzend around the world worrieds so much for the torture , pain and death of many innocents kittens claim to you stop this slaughter against kittens.

Every one person who sign this petition will send an email to your account and in facebook too for claim stop this massacre to these animals innocents.

Thanks so much for your time and for read this message and we wait this inhumanity acts stop someday in your country.

Please write an email here : lepru@embajadaperu.es  for claim stop this cruelty and insane actions in Peru against kittens.


At present day the Peru embassy don`t reply absolutely nothing about this cruelty act against the innocents cats and kittens.

For this reason we are receving more and more signs for send to the OMS the World Health Organization for protest and demand an investigation in the place La Quebrada in Peru , for verify and punish the insane practice of eat kittens and cats and the worse action ; give this meat to the childrens.

Please send this petition to every one of your friends list in facebook or email we will defend the childrens health and the life of cats and kittens in Peru and the rest of the world when tortures and abusers are dreaming to be hiddens.


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      • 5 days ago

      Tengo 17 gatitos y ellos son mi motivo para levantarme todos los días, para mi no son gatos, son mis hijos y no soportaría que alguno de ellos sufriera un maltrato de esta magnitud.

    • dora bohorquez LIMA, PERU
      • 5 days ago

      es maltrato a los animales y enseñarles a las nuevas generaciones q ya no haya amor hacia los animalitos

    • Cecilia Romero LIMA, PERU
      • 5 days ago

      Por que ya basta de hacer sufrir a animalitos que sienten y que quieren vivir en paz y en armonía

    • kimberlin Solorzano LIMA, PERU
      • 6 days ago

      Es una atrocidad

    • Julio Panduro LIMA, PERU
      • 6 days ago

      Necesitamos humanizarnos más y debemos empezar con el buen trato a los animales.


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