Please sign this petition to help Wayne to live out  as  a free man.
  • Petitioned Elmer Wayne Henley Jr Parole be released on Parole in 2012.

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Elmer Wayne Henley Jr Parole be released on Parole in 2012.

Please sign this petition to help Wayne to live out as a free man.

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      M D

      Hartford, CT

Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr. is currently in prison for his part in what has come to be known as The Houston Mass Murders. Twenty-seven young men were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered by Dean Corll, a 33 year old electrician who had also befriended Wayne as a 14 year old and originally saw him as another potential victim. But instead, he used him to procure young boys from his neighborhood for his own perverted reasons. Wayne is fully aware of the crimes he committed while under the influence and control of this despicable individual who also threatened his family. This madness stopped on August 8, 1973 when Wayne, at age 17, finally killed the man who had destroyed so many, many young lives, and that still haunts all of us to this day. Many times over the years Wayne has expressed extreme sorrow and has taken full responsibility for his part in the crimes; Wayne knows what he did and also knows that there is no fixing what happened. Had Wayne never got involved with Corll, he would never have done the things he did but the fact is that he did. Unlike many sadistic killers with no conscience, Wayne lives with the pain of what can never be undone on a daily basis and will do so for the remainder of his life.
Those of us who have visited and corresponded with Wayne in prison over the years have found him to be a kind, considerate, well-educated individual who is truly remorseful for what transpired in his youth. We know this is no consolation to the victims as nothing will ever bring their loved ones back but it is true that the rehabilitation within the prison systems works. Wayne finished growing to adulthood in prison . While incarcerated, he finished his education. He has also taken many personal development courses, vocational courses and on-the-job training. He has also had an exemplary disciplinary record while in prison. For nearly forty years he has strived to be the best person he can possibly be. Now Wayne is ready to give back to society in a positive fashion. Some inmates who are released go out and commit the same crimes all over again. We do not believe this true of Wayne, the man he is today. He has a lovely wife waiting for him as well as a home and a career and many friends who believe in his goodness. Forty years is long enough. We believe that Wayne Henley deserves the chance to live out the rest of his life as a free man. There has, indeed, been enough suffering.

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    • AV Prikazchikova BROOKLINE, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      I have known Wayne for a few years now and I fully believe he is ready to be released. I have so much faith in Wayne and his cause, he would certainly be welcome in my home.

      • about 2 years ago

      The mail is eveil. He does not belong out of prision walls.

    • Jacqueline Hiett BRENHAM, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      I lived around the corner from Wayne and his family until I was 6 years old and we moved to another part of the Heights Area. I believe that as a child of the same circumstances I have experienced personally what it is like to find yourself somerwhere in life that you never intended to be. Making that one choice (more in my case) that completely alter the direction of your entire life. Being exposed to the evil in this world with no defense against it spiritually, emothionally or mentally. As children from abusive unstable homes we found ourselves looking for a means to forget who we were and the instinct to survive by whatever means we could. Making us absolute targets of the evil in someone like Dean Corll. The families of the victims are justified in their pain for it was a horrific crime. But, truly, judgement should be in the hands of God and not ours.

      • about 2 years ago

      Elmer has more than paid for his actions.

    • Will Edwards REGINA, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      This man was coded into being a killer as a child. The fact that he has been incarcerated for this long is a testament to the idiocy and barbarism of American culture.


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