Elizabeth Arden: #ComeClean about Animal Tests
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Elizabeth Arden: #ComeClean about Animal Tests

    1. Physicans Committee's Kristie Sullivan, MPH
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      Physicans Committee's Kristie Sullivan, MPH

      Oakland, CA

More and more cosmetics companies have stopped using animal tests. But Elizabeth Arden continues to use or pay for outdated test methods that cause animal suffering and fail to protect public health. It’s time for Arden to #ComeClean. www.ArdenComeClean.org

Experimenters shove animals face-first into tubes no larger than their bodies and force them to breathe fragrances. The animals are kept in the tubes four to six hours daily for up to three months while experimenters look for signs of toxicity such as paralysis and death. No painkillers are provided. Arden says it doesn’t perform animal tests, “except in the rare instances in which it’s required by law.” But Arden sells in China and Brazil, countries that frequently and clearly require animal testing for most cosmetics ingredients.

These tests don’t protect humans. In 150 human clinical trials of inflammatory diseases (including asthma, which can be triggered by some fragrances), 100 percent of drugs developed using mice failed.

Tell Arden to #ComeClean on www.Twitter.com. Sample tweet: Hey , it's time to  about animal testing & protect public health! http://ht.ly/pBZak #UntoldArden

For more information visit www.ArdenComeClean.org.

Scott Beattie, CEO, Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden: #ComeClean about Animal Tests

Please #ComeClean to consumers about Elizabeth Arden’s animal testing by passing the Physicians Committee’s shareholder resolution at your upcoming shareholders meeting. You’ll join the growing number of cosmetics companies that are working to end animal testing internationally and protect public health.

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    • aisha blue COMO, ITALY
      • 11 months ago

      there is no sense!

    • Stacy Tuttle PC, OK
      • 11 months ago

      God did not put animals here for human greed!

    • Emily Beyman MEDINA, OH
      • 11 months ago

      It's wrong to take advantage of an animal because it does not have the voice to speak for itself

    • Elle Ben AUSTRALIA
      • 11 months ago

      There are alternatives to animal testing that don't cause unneeded suffering to innocent animals.

    • Marta Machado V.N.GAIA, PORTUGAL
      • 11 months ago

      Animal tests are an absurd and I do my best to keep my cupboards free of products that torture animals in their labs!


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