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John Riccitiello

Electronic Arts: 100% refund for SimCity 2013

    1. Petition by

      Michael Zanetos

      Columbus, OH

April 2013


Michael Zanetos: John Riccitiello has resigned

This game has been entirely misrepresented.

The EA servers cannot handle all the players and it is clear they weren't prepared to handle the bandwidth this game needed.

They assured us that the EA servers were not going to be busy or unreliable, so there was no need for an offline mode. With 20 to 30 minute queue times, it is clear that the EA servers are in fact unreliable. Also, I have experienced game crashes with loss of cities and no possible way to save my game.

Lastly and most importantly, they ensured features such as leaderboards with achievements all being displayed online. Now this is being taken away because of server overload. Thus giving more evidence of how unprepared and misleading the EA company has been in this product launch.

John Riccitiello, Electronic Arts Inc.
100% refund for Sim City 2013

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    • Christine Woodruff WALKERTON, IN
      • over 1 year ago

      Total Garbage, not worth the 9.99 games they are trying to give us for free to make up for this theft they are trying to get away with.

    • J Cramer AUSTIN, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      I didn't even buy the game after I heard you needed an active internet connection to play. That's just wrong, muddles up what sim city is and apparently was a complete and utter failure. You lost as least $60 from me and if I had mistakenly bought it, I would now want a refund.

      • over 1 year ago

      The game cannot be ran 50% of the time, requiring constant PC restart! This is absurd! Also, their support says you are 10min away for almost 1 hour, that is if the help application does not crash Origin completly and then you have to start form the top of the queue!

    • Chaz-Rae Moncrieff3 ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      I am personally a fan of EA's Sims 3 games and expansion packs. I have had minor problems, which were eventually fixed, but I was overall happy. And I absolutely loved SimCity4, so I had high expectations for this game.

      I didn't know when I bought it that there were servers that I absolutely HAD to use in order to play the game. I just knew that this SimCity would connect players with each other more. I haven't been able to play this game at all since I bought it today. Which is unacceptable. I expect a game with so many patches, a game that has been out for a while, to be playable.

      Just give me back my $60. I can at least put it to better use. I really should've just bought an expansion pack :(

    • Chaz-Rae Moncrieff3 ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      I have been a fan of all of EA's games, since I was a child. SimCity is one of my favorite series. I loved playing SimCity 4 (personal fav) and I was happy to see a new SimCity. But, having to be online is a great pain that ruins the game. I play SimCity because I don't have to be online. Sadly, I knew this game would connect players, but not to this extent. If anything, this should've been just an option. Another perk. I haven't even been able to actually play the game yet. I have searched for solutions to my connecting problems, and my conclusion is, it's not my fault. It's EA's. I want my money back, it would be better for me to get a Sims 3 expansion pack or two with the money. >.<


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