Elected MP's & opposition spokespeople for animal welfare & racing in NZ: Please launch an independent enquiry into the NZ greyhound racing industry.
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Damien O'Connor
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Ross Robertson
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Mojo Mathers
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Denise Roche
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Hone Hawawira
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Peter Dunne
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Pita Sharples
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Tariana Turia

Elected MP's & opposition spokespeople for animal welfare & racing in NZ: Please launch an independent enquiry into the NZ greyhound racing industry.

    1. Aaron Cross
    2. Petition by

      Aaron Cross

      Wellington, New Zealand


The Greyhound Protection League claim that there are over 10,000 greyhounds unaccounted for in New Zealand at present, with a further one thousand unaccounted for annually. I request that the relevant Ministers use their statutory powers to conduct an independent investigation into New Zealand's greyhound racing industry, and that this information be made publicly available.

I believe that the racing industry "investigating itself" may not provide the public with credible and transparent results, and that the investigation must be done independently.


An independent investigation should make public:

The number of greyhounds bred and imported annually for the racing industry

The number of greyhounds retired annually through the Greyhounds as Pets scheme, other agencies or privately*

The number of injuries which occur annually in all racing-related activities (such as training, trialing, and competing)

The number of greyhounds euthanased annually due to race-related injuries

The number of greyhounds euthanased annually for other reasons (and what these reasons are).


The only way this information can be gathered in a fair and objective manner is through an independent review, which would require that all racing industry records be made accessible for scrutiny by an appointed independent committee of people whose interests are not racing-related.

*Private rehoming can typically fall into two categories: household pets or breeding stock for pig hunting. As the welfare implications of greyhounds as pig hunting stock may be significantly different than those of a household pet, it would be prudent to define whether a "private adoption" is for the purpose of hunting stock or pet.

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    2. Decision-maker Damien O'Connor responds:

      Damien O'Connor

      Dear Aaron,
      I am writing in response to the petition you created on change.org regarding the welfare of greyhounds in New Zealand.
      Ross Robertson, Opposition Spokesperson for Racing and I have sought the guidance of the National Animal ...

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    4. Decision-maker Mojo Mathers responds:

    5. Decision-maker Mojo Mathers responds:

      Mojo Mathers

      An inquiry is necessary as we are sulling our clean green image with such appalling waste of beautiful animals being treated as disposable

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    Reasons for signing

    • Wendy Waltenberg CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND
      • over 1 year ago

      Using animals for human entertainment is unnecessary. It is time that NZ put a stop to this.

    • Tammy Tawadros DDO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      The Greyhound racing industry is a cruel and outdated form of "entertainment". Animals should never be used in the human entertainment industry, Period.

      • over 1 year ago

      Every animal has a right to have a good life just like us. Just because some don't make the grade it doesn't mean they should be put down. Animals have rights to you know

      • over 1 year ago

      Greyhounds are kind gentle souls and are unwillingly subjected to cruelty. Stop the senseless cruelty. If you're at all educated, you know better.

    • sian carvell CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND
      • over 1 year ago

      The treatment of greyhounds is not always humane and ethical. Used to make money and when that is no longer an option, 'disposed' of. Even though some are rehomed, the vast majority are not - they simply 'disappear. The true numbers and independent inquiry will est. baseline data and reveal what is actually happening to these hard working, intelligent animals. We claim to be a country that treats animals well and humanely so let's stand by that and check this out ...


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