Intervene to keep the San Francisco Bulls Hockey Team in SF.
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Mayor of San Francisco
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State Sen. Mark Leno
State Rep. Tom Ammiano

Intervene to keep the San Francisco Bulls Hockey Team in SF.

    1. Gary Virginia
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      Gary Virginia

      San Francisco, CA

We San Franciscans are requesting your leadership immediately to work with state officials, the management of the Cow Palace (state-owned and operated), and the San Francisco Bulls ECHL minor league hockey team, to keep the team in San Francisco.  LEADERS MUST ACT NOW!

 Last year, 14 San Francisco technology companies received $1.9 million in tax breaks for setting up shop in the mid-Market Street area. San Francisco is still in the red from hosting the 34th America's Cup, which so far has cost taxpayers at least $5.5 million, according to draft financial figures from the regatta that the SF Chronicle reviewed.

Surely, civic leaders in partnership with philanthropists and successful corporations can intervene to save our SF Bulls from exiting our city.

The SF Bulls have brought the city $16 million in revenue and jobs created in their season and a half.

The SF Bulls pay all their expenses at the Cow Palace; the team made numerous upgrades, including putting in a new ice system and scoreboard; the arena and the team split concessions and parking and the Cow Palace gets a cut of the tickets.

The SF Bulls lost $2 million last year, the Cow Palace made an estimated $500,000.

If the SF Bulls leave SF, the SF Giants will be the only pro sports team in the greater city area.

The SF Bulls provide a low-cost, family-friendly entertainment option promoting fitness, sports, community building and civic pride for Bay area residents of all ages.

The SF Bulls help raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes at their games, from Autism and Youth Night to LGBT Pride, First Responders and Filipino Heritage.

Where are our elected leaders to prevent these benefits from exiting our increasingly expensive city?

Edwin Lee, Mayor of San Francisco
State Sen. Mark Leno, California-011
State Rep. Tom Ammiano, California-017
Intervene to keep the San Francisco Bulls Hockey Team in SF.

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    1. Save the SF Bulls Hockey Team Update - Petition Reaches 500+

      Gary Virginia
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for signing the petition requesting SF Mayor Ed Lee, State Senator Mark Leno & CA Assemblyman Tom Ammiano to intervene to help keep the SF Bulls hockey team in San Francisco. With your support, we reached more than 500 signers in the first 48 hours. Please continue to promote the petition through email, social media such as Facebook & Twitter & word of mouth. has the email addresses of the three politicians & automatically sends them updates on the number of signers & comments.

      There is a new Facebook Group "Save the SF Bulls!" that you can join by clicking on the upper right box and ask to join:

      There was an informative article in the SJ Mercury News on Jan. 21:

      Thanks for your support; I'll keep everyone updated. Enjoy the remaining games at the Cow Palace - GO BULLS!

      Gary Virginia, SF Bulls Fan

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    • Nick Occhipinti DALY CITY, CA
      • 8 months ago

      For all the reasons aforementioned and obvious, as well as the fact that as a Daly City resident and politically active part of SF community and city life, this team and franchise should be retained to help build, rather than sell off our community - like everything else it seems gentrification and the real estate industry are bent on doing these days. Investing is more than speculation, it's about dedication with integrity. Let's build a team here instead of constantly trading ourselves away.

    • samantha stones PETALUMA, CA
      • 8 months ago


    • Lenora Bruch NOVATO, CA
      • 9 months ago

      The SF Bulls provide an affordable option for hockey fans for the ever increasing prices at the Sharks tank, which are no longer affordable for a family of 5. It was always a fun outing and not such a drive as to San Jose. Come on SF, support an organization that everyone can enjoy (look at football for the rich).

    • Tim Wong SF, CA
      • 9 months ago

      The SF bulls was a great positive influence on my 10 yr old son and his friends.

    • Elaine Paulazzo REDWOOD CITY, CA
      • 9 months ago

      We need another team here in the Bay, Where a Whole family can actually afford to take the WHOLE family.


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