Education support for helpless children

Education support for helpless children

    1. Gladson  Dungdung
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      Gladson Dungdung

      Ranchi, IN

Child Education Sponsorship Programme is a joint initiative of young friends to redress the grievances of orphan, abandoned and helpless children. Under this programm, 25 orphan, abandoned and helpless children have been already sponsored for their education and rehabilitation. children are provided economic, social and moral support to ensure their qualitative education and development.

They are enrolled in common schools, provided accommodations, where they pursue their education and participate in regular activities of schools like games, sports, cultural activities with other children, which helps them to get out of the social stigma of being an orphan and grow physically and mentally as well so that they can compete with the children of the main stream of the society. At the same time, their relatives and the people of the community are sensitized regarding their social responsibility towards these children.

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