Issue a formal apology to Liza Minnelli and her family, including an apology by Ellen on The Ellen Show.
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Issue a formal apology to Liza Minnelli and her family, including an apology by Ellen on The Ellen Show.

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By signing this petition, you will help make a public statement reminding fellow fans and the film/TV industry that we should respect all individuals, especially those whom we've previously celebrated/awarded for their talents, and not degrade them as they make their way out of the spotlight.


As an avid Liza fan for more than 20 years I've received quite a few questions about how she was treated during Sunday's Oscar's telecast. And I will say this: I think it showed an absolute disrespect for someone who has made tremendous contributions to the arts and is one of the greatest talents of the 20th century.

First off, Ellen's comparing her to an impersonator was degrading. No one would ever say that to Meryl Streep and there was a time when Liza was a bigger star than Meryl is today.

Second, Liza is herself an Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Grammy award winner. Not just Judy Garland's daughter. The "please stand up" approach before Over The Rainbow was beyond dismissive to her, Lorna (a terrific performer herself) and Joey.

They should have at least had them up there to introduce the number.

Just like the comments online about how Kim Novak looked when she presented at the show, it's sad how we treat stars as they age. They should be lauded, not made fun of.

Especially Ellen, as a gay person, should have treated Liza better as Liza has been one of the LGBT community's biggest supporters, even during the peak of the AIDS crisis.

I believe Ellen should issue an apology, or at least clarify her intention on The Ellen Show.  I also believe that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sceinces should issue a public apology for not treating Liza Minnelli with the respect she deserves (as well as allowing Ellen to tease her on national TV), as someone who has won their coveted Oscar award and made many contributions to the film industry over the last 45 years.

Eddy Yablans, Talent Agent, Ellen DeGeneres
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Gail Silverman
Issue a formal apology to Liza Minnelli and her family, including an apology by Ellen on The Ellen Show.

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    • getasense ofhumor RALEIGH, NC
      • 4 months ago

      Exchange a chip-on-your-shoulder to a sense-of-humor

    • Joshua Caudell NORFOLK, VA
      • 6 months ago

      Judge not lest ye be judged!

    • Bonnie Miller ST PETERSBURG, FL
      • 6 months ago

      People's feeling DO matter. While I don't think Ellen was purposely being malicious, without thinking, she saw an opportunuty for a quip and then made it. Ellen is quick-witted and I have a feeling is truly regretfyl. Still, we;re living in a "let's be mean to others" kind of society which in itself is pretty sick in my opinion. Let's remember we're all human beings doing the best we can.

    • D Malcolm REDMOND, WA
      • 6 months ago

      So many children look up to Ellen and appreciate all the good she does but jokes, especially those at the expense of another human being teach impressionable children that bullying, this time, in the form of hurtful words, is acceptable. Ellen wouldn't (and rightly so) let One Million Moms bully and disrespect her. Ellen should not be engaging in similar behavior with regard to Miss Minnelli. Please acknowledge and apologize for this behavior Ellen. Regardless of how many laughs you got, this joke went over the line.

    • Jane Sprague CAMARILLO, CA
      • 6 months ago

      "We have the right to say what we please but also we have the responsibility to think about how it affects others before we say it and then decide if it's worth making the target of the comment feel badly. Why say anything if its purpose is to deliberately hurt someone? It is bullying to make an innocent person the butt of a joke. Both Miss Minnelli and Miss Novak have provided the public with legacy of excellent films and entertainment, for which I thank them. The comments made to and about them were not funny; they were cruel, insensitive, and done deliberately and without provocation. Shame on those who believe this kind of behavior is acceptable. Ellen, I’ve never seen you make such a cruel attack on anyone like you did on Oscar night. You are a better person than that. You know how to be funny without being mean. An open apology is definitely in order."


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