Re-appoint James Keblas as Director of the City of Seattle Office of Film and Music
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Re-appoint James Keblas as Director of the City of Seattle Office of Film and Music

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      Seattle's Film and Video Production Industry

It is with great surprise that we learn that Seattle's new Mayor Ed Murray has decided not to re-appoint James Keblas to the position of Director of the Office of Film and Music.

Over the past nine years, James Keblas has made a tremendous contribution to developing the film industry in the City of Seattle. Under his leadership and in partnership with industry and state organizations, the Office of Film and Music has helped to create a vibrant film culture and industry in the city and region.  Thanks to the industry cooperation that James Keblas has guided, the City of Seattle now hosts regular and ongoing film, commercial and television production that supports an industry of skilled artists and technicians. To lose James as a leader in this endeavor would strike a powerful blow to the continued success of these efforts.

Mayor Murray, you ran on a platform of job growth and economic development. The city's own 2001 economic impact study found that the film and video industry in Seattle employed 4,991 locals and contributed $471 million to the local economy--and these numbers have certainly grown since that time. Losing the continuity and experience of James Keblas in this office and as the public face of film production in the City of Seattle would have a substantial and detrimental impact to the growth of the film, television, and commercial production in the City of Seattle.

In the interest of keeping this important industry flourishing in the City of Seattle, we the undersigned urge you to re-appoint James Keblas as the Director of the Office of Film and Music.

Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle
Re-appoint James Keblas as Director of the City of Seattle Office of Film and Music. Our industry needs him to continue in this role.

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    • Jonny Helgren SEATTLE, WA
      • 5 months ago

      I am a fellow filmmaker

    • Ian Bell SEATTLE, WA
      • 7 months ago

      As a deeply invested professional actor in Seattle, I can say that, as director of his office, Mr. Keblas has shown true vision which has had positive, real and meaningful impact on my career, and those of my peers in the field. The kind of change he is working towards, must be given more time and support to fully take root and realize its potential, so it is for that reason I strongly feel Mr. Keblas must be re-appointed as Director of the Office of Film and Music.

    • Tristan Axe AUSTIN, TX
      • 8 months ago

      According to the folks from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Mr Keblas has been crucial in making Seattle a welcoming place for independent film and television. I don't have any direct interaction with Mr. Keblas, but if the folks from ZOE think his help makes their lives easier and more able to produce the amazing content they do, then I believe them. They're not the only crews in the area making quality programming and they all surely benefit. Help make sure that this wonderful art has a home to thrive and reinstate Mr. James Keblas.

    • kelli graves SPOKANE, WA
      • 8 months ago

      My son is an actor in Washington State.

    • Marianne Goldin MARSEILLE, FRANCE
      • 9 months ago

      James is one of the Fathers of culture in this city. Letting him go from this post would be a great loss and disservice to the City.


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