EA: Battlefield 4: Add AI / Bots for MP Maps for offline mode.
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EA: Battlefield 4: Add AI / Bots for MP Maps for offline mode.

    1. Pascal Sykora
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      Pascal Sykora

      Witten, Germany

We want the good, old Battlefield times back. Battlefield 3 was a flop for lot of gamers. Many want AI in offline Mod to play on the online maps.
There are good reasons:
1) They make multiplayer accesible for persons who dont play online (yes, many of these people still exist)
2) They allow a player to practice all of the game modes at any time with a full compliment of combatants.
3) They dont curse, cheat, complain, or leave the match when loosing.
4) They allow for a full game without any lag, slowdown, or dropout.
5) They provide great opponents Vs. teams of humans (once their difficulty is turned up).
6) They cause a game to have infinate replay value.
7) Even if we can only play alone (no Lan) with Bots, it would be a great opportunity to practise all of the vehicles. Online it is very hard to practise new types of vehicles.


"Because it means fun!"

"for me, it is important to first gain some experience on the maps before playing them online against other players and it would be a very good way to try some strategies for the different maps and modes"

"Would be best game ever made"

"Some maps in BF3 now are TOTALLY UNPOPULAR and empty"

"No laggs, No insults, nice training for no good players or beginners"

"Der Grundgedanke ist ja, das man sich die MP Maps erstmal anschauen kann und das in Ruhe. Online ist das nie möglich, da man sofort übern haufen gerotzt wird."

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      Pascal Sykora
      Petition Organizer

      Hello Guys. Thank you for your signing :)
      Im still sharing this Petition in many boards.
      I hope you´re sharing this too.! :-)
      Together we can Change something! I hope in future we can send this Petition to EA!

      Bots are very important for many People. And EA don´t want to understand this. They think everybody has an Internet Connection and everybody wants to Play online. NO! There are still People playing offline. And I have to admit that I hate it to Play online. I miss the old times where I played it in offline mode. The good old Battlefield times. In future many games will Support online modes only. BUT... I think many People would be very sad. Not everybody is made to Play online.

      So I hope you understund me (even if my english is not the best) and I hope we could Change something TOGETHER!

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures
    4. We reached 250 signatures

      Pascal Sykora
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for your help!
      If we can reach 10.000 Signers, we will be able to send the Petition to EA, so they can see what we want!
      We hope you Share it with your friends!

      Thank you so much :)

    5. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Henry Zaba CALGARY, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      Dear EA Team,

      Please make Battlefield 4 same is BF2 and BF1942 with Bots the game wold be the best ever made THANK YOU

    • Roman Zaba CALGARY, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      This is need to practice for combat on line and lan

    • David Jolley INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • 9 months ago

      I miss the days of battlefield 1942, when you could play alone... in your own world. It didn't matter that the AI wasn't perfect, it was there!

    • Glen Edann Leopoldo SPRING, TX
      • 9 months ago

      because it can provide great training and they are a "fromidable foe"

    • Frank Mckay BRUSSEL, BELGIUM
      • 9 months ago



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