Dump Frack Waste in New Jersey? Absolutely Not! Let’s Move S253 and A575!
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Dump Frack Waste in New Jersey? Absolutely Not! Let’s Move S253 and A575!

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      Delaware Riverkeeper Network

NJ Governor: Sign the  Frack Waste Ban Bill to Protect NJ Citizens

New Jersey’s Frack Waste Ban Bill S253/A575 has passed  both the Senate and House in New Jersey!   Now we need to have NJ Governor Chris Christie sign this important legislation into law.  

Tell him you are counting on them to provide the Legislature with the opportunity to keep toxic frack waste out of our water and communities. 

For more information on waste from hydraulic fracturing go to: http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/resources/Testimonies/Test%20NJ%20Assembly%20Environment%20Com%20with%20Memo6.15.12.pdf

CALL NOW and ask your friends and neighbors to call and also sign this petition with a click to double your impactl:

Governor Christie - 609-292-6000




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    1. Call Gov Christie and Tell him to sign the Frack Waste Ban Bill Now

      Great News! The New Jersey Legislature passed a ban on waste produced by hydraulically fracturing of gas wells (S253/A575). Thank you to all of you who took part in this campaign and illustrated to our elected representatives in Trenton how important is to the people of the State to ban the dumping of frack waste here. Now it’s time to tell Governor Chris Christie that he must sign the Bill into law.

      Please take a minute now to call Governor Christie and tell him to sign S253/A575 - the Frack Waste Ban Bill into Law. His phone number: 609-292-6000

    2. NJ Ban Frack Waste Bill Passes Assembly - Now onto Senate

      NJ Assembly passes the Frack Waste Ban Bill A575 in session yesterday -- vote was 56 yes, 19 no, and 4 not voting. Senate expected to vote next week! Please keep the letters and petitions going to urge the Senate to pass this important legislation. Take action at the link below.

    3. One more hurdle jumped with your help!

      NJ Assembly Environment Committee approved the NJ Frack Waste Ban Bill today -- the Bill could be posted for a floor vote next week - so please help generate lots of calls to NJ legislators to support the ban fracking bill to get this voted on before the break. Please help tell your friends to generate calls to Senate President Sweeney: (888) 793-4597, Assembly Leader Oliver (866) 582-4813 and tell them to support S-253/A575. Thanks for your continued help and efforts to keep radioactive fracking waste out of the garden state!

    4. Victory (Now we need to double our efforts for a June 14th Assembly vote!)

      Victory - thanks to all of you! The NJ Senate Environment Committee passed S-253, the Frack Waste Ban Bill, with a unanimous bi-partisan vote on Thursday as environmental groups testified about the crucial need to protect our drinking water and communities from this toxic waste. Now the Assembly Environment Committee needs to vote on the bill so keep the pressure on. We are pushing for a vote on June 14 so the Bill can go to the full Legislature for a vote before the end of the month. and we need to tell all NJ legislators we want them to vote yes to ban frack wastewater and solid waste from being discharged in New Jersey. Please redouble the calls and share this Petition. We are SO CLOSE!

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    6. NJ Senate Environment Comm. will vote on waste ban bill on June 7th, 2012!


      All hands on deck - please call members of the Senate Environment Committee between now and June 7. We know the industry is pushing hard and is reaching out to members of the committee too so our voices need to be many. All of the legislators on the committee have supported a ban on fracking in the past and we need them to be leaders on this too.

      Please make calls to the members of the Senate Environment Committee before june 7:

      Senator Whelan: 609.383.1388
      Senator Bateman: 908.526.3600
      Senator Beck: 732.933.1591 (thank her for becoming a co-sponsor just this week!)
      Senator Smith (Chair): 732.752.0770
      Senator Greenstein (Co-Sponsor of S253) 609.395.9911

      Tell them:

      I am very happy that you have supported a ban on fracking in the past and we need you to continue your leadership for clean water by voting to pass S253 out of committee to ban frack waste from entering NJ. This waste is radioactive and harmful

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      • over 1 year ago

      OK !!!!!!!!!

      • almost 2 years ago


    • Gary Smith MIDDLETOWN, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      The risks in fracking seem to far outweigh the benefits, and we should work more on alternative energy.

    • chris helmstetter MIAMI, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I grew up in NJ and still have family and friends lving there.

    • Tianyi Xu NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      I am interested in environmental competitions for a better & cleaner neighborhood, for my major is environmental science. I am really aware the hazard drilling waste could bring us and I definately don't wanna drilling waste founded around us.


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