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Living Wage

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"I want to live, not just exist"

Do you believe that people deserve to have a decent wage to live on? Here at Durham, the DSU with much help from other societies, is campaigning to get a fair wage to every employee at the university who supports themselves on this wage.

The wage is calculated for this year at £7.20 (outside of London rate) by the Living Wage Foundation - - and helps people to have a good quality of life.

As the university is a large provider of good quality employment in the North-East, it is only responsible that it pays a living wage which is being pioneered by KPMG and PwC, along with 14 other universities around the country.

Sign this if you believe should be paid to Durham University's staff.

We, the undersigned, request that the University of Durham implements the Living Wage following the Living Wage Foundation's guidance. This should be paid to all staff that supports themselves upon this wage, directly employed or out-contracted. We think that everyone should have a fair chance with a fair, living wage"

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