Drop charges against transgender teen defending herself!
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Drop charges against transgender teen defending herself!

    1. Valerie Poquiz
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      Valerie Poquiz

      Hercules, CA

May 2014


After being bullied for months, transgender teen Jewlyes Gutierrez fought back against a group of girls harassing her at school. Though she was outnumbered, she was the only student who faced criminal charges after the fight. Her sister started a petition on Change.org and when more than 210,000 people signed it, the charges against Jewlyes were dropped.

My sister, Jewlyes Gutierrez, is a 16 year old teenager, who identifies as a transgender female. Her gender identity has caused her to be a victim of taunting, harassment, and bullying by her peers.  On November 13, 2013, Jewlyes defended herself against three girls who were tormenting and then physically attacked her. This was captured on video and you can see Jewlyes trying to run away. The students involved were suspended but to our disbelief, District Attorney Daniel Cabral then filed charges against Jewlyes for battery - she's the only one charged.

Jewlyes should not be charged criminally. Rather, this altercation should be the responsibility of the school district, who should take proper action and implement the necessary resources to prevent incidents like these from happening again.  

One of the girls who attacked Jewlyes had repeated bullied her - even spitting gum in her face. Jewlyes sought help from the assistant principal in fear of her physical safety but the issue was not properly addressed, no necessary action was taken by the administration. The bullying continued.

Jewlyes attends Hercules High School in Hercules, CA - part of the Contra Costa Unified School District. Even the school district president disagrees with the charges being brought against Jewlyes: "This is just a young child who is 16-years-old, already going through a lot of stress," he said. "This is a remedy? Is this the way we want to deal with children?"

Violence towards transgender and queer youth is a serious problem. Recently in Oakland, CA, a transgender teen was lit on fire. What message is the District Attorney's Office sending when they prosecute a transgender teen who school officials labeled as the victim in this incident? 

Sign this petition and tell District Attorney we are outraged by the decision to charge Jewlyes and that we hope he will use his discretion to allow for a restorative and educational solution rather than the court system to deal with what happened at Hercules High School.

Please tell the District Attorneys Office that we want our tax dollars spent on teaching tolerance and on conflict resolution programs in schools, not on prosecuting youth who are in need of a safe learning environment.

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    Jan 14, 2014

    Drop charges against #trans teen http://t.co/AlvsEpq8TW via @Change



    Jan 11, 2014

    The victim is being put on trial. Ask district attorney to drop charges against bullied #transgender teenager: http://t.co/x9scjlU6TE


    Reasons for signing

    • Nancy Toulouse PANORAMA, CA
      • 6 months ago

      Because my daughter was bullied and the gang leader threatened to take her life and we sought help from the school and all they did was bring the 2 girls together in the office to do not much more than just shake hands and just be friends. Afterwards the bully girl, when alone with my daughter said, "Wait- I'm gonna take you someplace where they'll never find you!"

      So we had to take matters into our own hands and move far from that place. There's something wrong with the school system. Bullying happens to many people for many reasons. Maybe home-schooling is the answer?

    • kayla moffett CINCINNATI, OH
      • 6 months ago

      bullying needs to be dealt with in all areas against all children!

    • Kevin Flamini ROCHESTER, NY
      • 6 months ago

      In America where everyone is working or sleeping with each other or both, we have a stupid situations like this? While everyone is trying to work this all out the Hate Crime Ferry should come down and cut out all the genatila on these three stuipid people so we now have ''no gender'' people that another sector of society will beat the shit out of them? Please people get over ourselves. our Creator might decide to destroy us? They say she is a loving Creator and we are suppose to be like her. If we are not going to emulate her love for us then we get torment and destruction and become more stupid like this and perish off the face of earth as sub human shit! This is a choice unlike the absurdity is going on in this absurd CRIME ON HUMANITY! These are our children and our future doesn't seem very promising? Oh by the way, I have great reasons to believe the Creator is female because if the Creator was male He would have destroyed us shortly after the Apple.

    • Abigail kennedy WARREN, KS
      • 6 months ago

      she dosent deserve this

    • Jennifer Varao PAWHUSKA, OK
      • 6 months ago

      We have the right to defend ourselves against bullies!


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