Release the Ban of Camouflage Clothing at School

Release the Ban of Camouflage Clothing at School

    1. Kailey Addison
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      Kailey Addison

      Hopkins, SC

Many students attending Dreher have a wardrobe consisting of large amounts of camouflage clothing, most of which take part in hunting activities. Gangs other than the "country gang" have been at Dreher. The colors of those gangs have not been banned. Just because camouflage is banned does not mean the gang will disappear. The gangs will not go away; they will simply find a new way to disguise themselves. In turn, this will make the gangs more difficult to distinguish, which will put students in more danger than before. Students attending Dreher High School should not be required to buy new clothing articles to replace previously worn camouflage clothing

Release the Ban of Camouflage Clothing at School

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    • Nick Adair HOPKINS, SC
      • 2 months ago

      My daughter was sent home today because of wearing camouflage pants even though it is her first week and was never told just because they can't handle the kids they claim the ban slowed down the violence but the real reason is they kicked the kids out that is why it has slowed down

    • Jessica Reid WEDGEFIELD, SC
      • 10 months ago

      If my school was to ban camouflage we would fight them for our right to wear camo. So I'll stand by these kids and help them fight

    • Kaitlyn Church COLUMBIA, SC
      • 11 months ago

      I attend dreher high school & half my wardrobe is camo. I'll be darned if I'm buying a whole new wardrobe because of this. I don't have the money for that. & if the reason we can't wear camo because of a gang then we shouldn't even wear regular clothes. ALL COLORS ARE GANG AFFILIATED! Dreher's school colors are gang affiliated. Just because Leon Lott said that he SUGGESTS not letting schools wear camo doesn't mean you have to actually ban the camo. They should look at the percentage of kids that wear camo at Dreher, that'd be the majority of the school. This is ridiculous & I don't support the ban of camo.

    • Matthew Osteen WARRENVILLE, SC
      • 11 months ago

      Because teachers and administrators should not be dictating dress codes inappropriately. Making wholesale changes for a general population to react to the actions of a small percentage of said population is asinine. That type of liberal mentality should be quashed.

    • Robert Adams COLUMBIA, SC
      • 11 months ago

      My child has grown up wearing camo all of her life!! We go hunting all the time, it's what we do for family time!! We love being with each other and when we do we're all in camo! Camo is being worn because we hunt not because they're in a gang! Schools should not have the authority to tell our children they can't wear a color or pattern!! Camo isn't offensive, rude, provocative, or worn immodestly so our children have the right to wear it! Whoever said otherwise is wrong and we are going to stand up to prove that wearing camo means you love what you do!! Hunt!!


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