DREAMer and Sunday school teacher detained, facing imminent deportation
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DREAMer and Sunday school teacher detained, facing imminent deportation

    1. Petition by

      Helen Jang

      San Jose, CA

Currently, 26-year old DREAMer and Sunday school teacher, Ueen Joung Chang (Cindy Chang), from San Jose, California is detained in Eloy, Arizona with the threat of imminent deportation to South Korea.

She has not committed a crime, and has in fact been an upstanding member of her community serving the homeless as well as a lay deacon and Sunday school teacher with her church.

She came to the United States when she was seven years old and was not aware of her immigration status until she was stopped at an immigration checkpoint in Arizona on her way to a friend’s wedding in Phoenix. She is now ordered deported despite her family having followed the steps to attain green cards, but were foiled by bureaucratic errors. With no family in South Korea, her deportation would tear her away from her family and community which depend on her.

We are requesting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release Ms. Chang from detention while her case is under review by an immigration judge so that she may continue to give back to her community, and ultimately, to stop her deportation.

Also, when you have a chance, call ICE and demand that they release Cindy from detention. Leave a message if forwarded to voicemail.

DHS head Janet Napolitano: 202-282-8495
ICE head John Morton: 202-732-3000
ICE field office director Katrina Kane: 602-766-7028

Sample Script: “Hi, I am calling to ask that Ueen Joung Chang (A#073-547-961) be released from detention. She is a DREAM Act–eligible student and Sunday school teacher and has lived in the United States since she was seven. Please release her from detention.”

We also have a Facebook link that you could like http://www.facebook.com/freecindy

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      Helen Jang
      Petition Organizer

      My sister is being released today and will be on a greyhound tomorrow! Thank you for all the support thus far! But the problem isn't over yet! She still has to go to court and settle this out! Keep spreading the news!

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    Reasons for signing

    • David Gambrell CHANDLER, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      My wife and daughter are S. Korean. South Koreans do not and have not ever posed a threat to America's national security. Please look at this young lady's situation to make sure that is was a legitimate mistake on her part and make a justified decision on both parties best interest. Be Blessed!

    • Phoebe Wong HOUSTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      If the U.S. chooses to name this person - an upstanding woman who broke no law of her own accord - a criminal, what kind of message are we sending? To other Americans, to our children, to the world?

    • Bruce Lohmann BAY POINT, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      What is to be gained for America by kicking out someone who is a benefit to America?

    • Jason Fei NEEDHAM, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm signing because Cindy is an American.

    • Jenny Kwong GAINESVILLE, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      She's not only lived here since a child, but she's contributing to the community. The fact that she's a DREAM Act-eligible student should stop the legal issues. There is no reason she should be deported or detained.


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