Stop Georgia Public Broadcasting's takeover of iconic Atlanta college radio station Album 88 (WRAS 88.5 FM)!
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Stop Georgia Public Broadcasting's takeover of iconic Atlanta college radio station Album 88 (WRAS 88.5 FM)!

    1. Brendan Bender
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      Brendan Bender

      Decatur, GA

Many Atlantans (including myself) will agree that there is a substantial target market of radio listeners who would prefer the choice to hear daytime NPR programs rather than umpteen hours of entry level classical music and that the introduction of this programming would fill a longstanding hole in Atlanta's radio market. While we welcome the arrival of daytime NPR programming to the Metro area, we believe that taking over Georgia State's radio station 88.5 WRAS, known as "Album 88", in order to facilitate this would be a critical error. In addition, the way in which Georgia State made this deal showed a complete lack of respect for the students who run WRAS. None of the station's management, DJs, or other staff were consulted or informed  by GSU administration about a GPB at any point in time. Those involved with WRAS had absolutely no idea a takeover was emminent and only learned about the deal after local news media had reported on the story.

An Atlanta institution,WRAS has been on the air for almost 45 years. However, its legacy is far greater than that of a mere college radio station. WRAS is an emblem of Atlanta's cultural legacy: past, present, and future. A world-renowned outlet for local voices, remarkably diverse music, and undiscovered talent, 88.5 FM was instrumental in helping launch the careers of famed local groups such as R.E.M. in the 1980s, Outkast in the 1990s, and Deerhunter in the 2000s. 

It's no secret that Atlanta's radio market has degenerated into a homogenized glop over the past 10 years thanks to companies like Clearchannel desperately targeting only the lowest common denominator of listeners as commercial radio becomes less and less profitable in the modern world. However, in a radio market as notoriously awful as ours, having a truly unique voice on the airwaves such as WRAS, a station that remains untainted by corporate interests and steadfast in its mission to be a source of musical exploration for Atlanta, is honestly a godsend.


We ask that Georgia State University reconsider its deal with Georgia Public Broadcasting that would, in June 2014, eliminate all original student-made daytime content on celebrated Atlanta college radio station WRAS in exchange for a GPB simulcast of nationally syndicated NPR programming. Album 88 is a historic part of Atlanta culture, and as such, GSU needs to put their greed aside and fufill their obligation to preserve the integrity of this landmark station.




Who to contact (GPB):

GPB In the Atlanta area: 404.685.2400 GPB Outside Atlanta: 800.222.6006

GPB executives:

Teya Ryan, President & CEO, 

Bob Olive, Chief Operating Officer,

Elizabeth Laprade, Chief Financial Officer, 

Robert Brienza, Vice President—News & Sports, 

Bert Huffman, Vice President - Development and Marketing,


Who to contact (Georgia State University):

Douglass Covey, Vice President of Student Affairs - 404-413-1500
Rebecca Stout, Dean of Students - 404-413-1515
GSU Alumni Office - 404-413-2190


Use the hashtag #savewras to spead the word.


Let your voice be heard!


Dr. Mark Becker, President Georgia State University
Stop Georgia Public Broadcasting's daytime news takeover of seminal Atlanta college radio station WRAS (Album 88).

[Your name]

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    1. Time to SaveWRAS!

      Brendan Bender
      Petition Organizer

      On May 6, 2014, Georgia State University announced a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) to trade 98 hours of student-run analog broadcasting on WRAS-Atlanta in exchange for internship opportunities at GPB.
      You were one of the almost 12,000 people who signed the petition to SaveWRAS, the legendary student-run radio station, WRAS-Atlanta Album 88.
      Alumni, representing more than 40 years of WRAS broadcasting, organized to preserve the student-controlled radio programming and fight the contract with GPB.
      After discussions with the GSU administration, Communication dept staff and students, and industry leaders, the Album 88 Alumni crafted an alternative proposal that exceeds all criteria GSU President Becker discussed.
      Here is the Album 88 Alumni alternative proposal
      How to help:
      ● email the following individuals demanding the GPB contract be canceled in favor of the stronger Album 88 Alumni proposal
      Mark Becker
      GSU President
      Douglass Covey
      GSU VP Student Affairs
      Tanya Ryan
      GPB CEO
      Please cc with all your correspondence
      ● Please tweet, FB, Instagram and email friends to support the Album 88 Alumni. Use #SaveWRAS & #WRAStrong

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    Reasons for signing

    • C.S. Van Nostrand ATHENS, OH
      • 7 days ago

      WRAS is a cultural institution in Atlanta. NPR is not. Don't mess with a very good thing.

    • Tommy Hodges ATLANTA, GA
      • 27 days ago

      music is for the children

    • Bob Craddick LA MESA, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      I cannot believe GSU sold out-- a great group to sell out too but what the f'n L. WRAS is one of two treasures in the city, got me interested in more music I would have never ever heard.. was constantly my 'on' channel and look forward to hearing what new students are playing when I come home. WRAS was a point of pride about GSU and Atlanta as a whole. This is a really pathetic decision.. great for the journalism students but why not just get another radio or work something else out.. our just radio online and leave alternative on 24/7. PBS I love you but am really wanting to not support GSU OR PBS if they make these kind of decisions. Lonfg ago 688 bought the farm now GSU is selling the farm this is pure :(

    • dylan regan ROSWELL, GA
      • about 1 month ago

      My student fees pay for this radio station, and the whole situation just seems unfair to me. Bring back wras!

    • Bridget Forier ATLANTA, GA
      • about 1 month ago

      Love the station. Great music and no commercials!! Keep this station with Ga State! We don't need another pop/ rap radio station in Atlanta.


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