Vote "NO" for the Howard & Lillian Lee Scholars Charter School.
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Mr. William Harrison and the North Carolina State Board of Education
Dr. June Atkinson

Vote "NO" for the Howard & Lillian Lee Scholars Charter School.

    1. Suepinda Keith
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      Suepinda Keith

      Chapel Hill, NC

On February 29th and March 1st our NC State Board of Education will decide whether or not to make final approval for a new charter school name The Howard & Lillian Lee Scholars School in our district. This new charter will siphon away over $4.5 million dollars from our local public education budget that has already seen major reductions in the past few years. The profit will not go back into the community but into the coffers of a private for profit company, National Heritage Academies, who the Lee School Board has hired to manage personnel hiring, test driven curriculum, and finances of the school.

National Heritage Academies, a for profit Education Management Organization, from Grand Rapids, Michigan currently manage five charter schools in the state of NC, none of which out-perform the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School district, yet NHA states their number one goal is to start a charter in our school district is to close the achievement gap in the CHCCS.

We do not believe that an out of state for profit entity has the best interest of educating our community's children at heart. National Heritage Academies, founded by J. C. Huizenga, profits 100% with zero accountability to the children and families of this state.  Further, the NHA/Lee application was submitted the day of the application deadline without  community knowledge nor seeking community input or collaboration.

Here's what you need to know:  This is not about "education choice for all" or attempts at "closing the achievement gap"....... This is about privatizing public education and taking advantage of all the children and families in our community and state;

NHA teachers are exempt from federal and state certification requirements;

In North Carolina NHA's high performing charter schools are overwhelmingly white and middle class; 

The majority of NHA schools do not offer bus transportation or free & reduced meals.

Finally, The North Carolina Public Charter School Advisory Council who recommended the NHA/Lee Charter School application to the State Board of Ed, is stacked with Charter School officials and/or board members.  Particularly distrubing is the cheerleading participation of NHA Board members in the decision making process.  

Please sign the petition and tell our State Board of Ed.......We don't want National Heritage Academies in our district, we don't want National Heritage Academies in our state!  If you have already signed please share the petition with friends.  We need to work quickly. Thank you.

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    2. We got over 700 signatures in the first week, we have three weeks to go!

      Suepinda Keith
      Petition Organizer

      Last week North Carolina State School Board members met to discuss and review the Howard & Lillian Lee Charter School application for the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools district. They will vote on whether to approve this charter or not during their early March session. Which means we have just over three weeks to get as many signed petitions to the State School Board Members as possible.

      This charter threatens to pull over $4.5 million from our school district that has already seen cuts over the past few years. This charter will be managed by an out of state for profit EMO called National Heritage Academies, which has at best an average performance track record in North Carolina and one not better than the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School district.

      Citizens of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and North Carolina need to send a strong message to our State School Board members that our tax payer dollars must stay in our state and not support an out of state for profit entity.

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    • Miha Lucas CHAPEL HILL, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      Do not segregate our schools, we're performing well and the achievement gap is being addressed and improved upon. My children are in this public school system for it's diversity along economic and racial lines as well as for the outstanding education it provides. If this charter school is aimed towards African American children then it is effectively resegregation and a disturbing possibility for our community.

    • Chris Johnston CHAPEL HILL, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      We moved to Chapel Hill for the incredible PUBLIC school system. Not one dollar of my taxes is intended for private (and for-profit) schools.

    • Meredith Lassiter CHAPEL HILL, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      please do not divert funds away from public schools

    • Jason Lieb CARRBORO, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      No taxation without representation. WE DON"T WANT THIS SCHOOL!

    • Gretchen Gochenauer PITTSBORO, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      i believe in the public school education with transparency and responsibility for what they teach to our younger generations.


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