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Stop allowing verbally abusive protestors to scream on UTC's campus

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      The Students of UTC

For reasons that are beyond the reaches of my imagination, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has allowed a religious extremist, a fire and brimstone “preacher”, to stand in the middle of campus and scream at students. She has not come with a message of love or peace, as Jesus taught. She insists on screaming at the top of her lungs that we are all going to hell, Westboro Baptist style. She has parked herself in one of the busiest areas of campus, directly in front of the library, Brock Hall, and Grote Hall. It’s been said that some professors have had to cancel classes because her screams can be heard through the windows. A student was arrested today for riding his bike too close to her, a path he has probably ridden a thousand times on his way to the library. The question on many students’ minds is Why? Why would UTC allow this hateful woman to yell at us on our campus? And of all times, why right before finals? For the past few weeks, most students have managed to ignore this woman, but it is difficult now that one of our own has been arrested because of her presence. What UTC doesn’t seem to realize is that they have engaged in a type of business deal with each of its students. We pay the school thousands every semester for a service. We expect that service to be delivered in a professional manner, on a peaceful campus. By allowing this woman to scream in the middle of our campus, UTC is not properly delivering the service we have paid for. We do not pay to have a large section of our campus cut off from us. We do not pay to have some stranger scream at us and tell us that we're going to hell. Our campus is no place for her hatred. Our money was not spent to give her a place to yell and disrupt our classes, to shatter the quiet of our library. We have paid you, and now we demand a quiet place to learn. Do not allow people to come onto our campus and scream at us.

Dr. Joe DiPietro, President of the University of Tennessee
Stop allowing verbally abusive protestors to scream on UTC's campus

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    3. Montalvo Made a Video Immediately After Arrrest

      Cole Montalvo managed to make a video right after being tackled, maced, and handcuffed. You can see a place on the side of his face is beginning to swell from the excessive force used by the officer.

      utc campus justice

      just got arrested, so I decided to make a vid from the squad car. ****the true sin here was uploading a vertical video*****

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    6. Arrested Student Charged with Four Crimes

      The student arrested in the video, Cole Montalvo, was charged with four separate crimes. Disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, and inciting a riot. If you watch the video posted by the "evangelist" herself, you can see that these charges don't make sense. (He comes in around 7:15.) The cop pulls out handcuffs as soon as he walks up. He was obviously eager to arrest anyone for anything. And this woman, Angela Cummings, seems to love it. On her Facebook page, she proudly announced that she has reported every student to the police who has posted anything resembling a threat. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highways-and-Hedges-Ministries-inc/515871618474565)

      UTC student gets arrested @ Gospel Crusade

      Uploaded by Angela Cummings on 2013-11-15.

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      • 29 days ago

      I am a Christian, and if I had to preach, I wouldn't let someone get arrested for having an opinion, or stepping into my bubble. that woman is a disgrace to what I know about my God, and only God can judge us. I am a student and we have the same things here in my country. Religion is personal, but i'm happy to celebrate it. But it is wrong to stand there and allow her to condemn people. I tell people about the love God has to offer and the great things He's capable of. but I will never ever use my religion as a reason to insult people and be rude and insensitive.

    • John Dixon CHATTANOOGA, TN
      • 6 months ago

      I agree with this student; UTC is allowing for an atmosphere that is not conducive to learning. This woman has the right to free speech but she can do that elsewhere. Would you allow her to come into a class and scream at the class? No! Why are you allowing her to use the campus for this?

    • Rev. Bill Bess HAVANA, FL
      • 6 months ago

      Freedom of speech does not trump public right of way, for starters.

    • Charli Hall GUNTERSVILLE, AL
      • 6 months ago

      This is not the venue for this "preacher's" presence!! These students are paying for an education not to be harassed and disrupted in their college experience. With all the school violence, this is a no brainer and can end badly!! There is no logical reason for this woman to be on this campus if she is not a student, professor or employee of the campus!! This is setting a precedence and creating a dangerous situation.

    • Juli Gerrits MADISON, AL
      • 6 months ago

      I don't care what the message is, it is not logical to allow anyone be so loud & disruptive, as that woman and especially not on a college campus where PAYING students have no choice but be subjected to it as they pass. MR Cantrell - you claim it's "Freedom of speech". Fine, loan her a chair where she can sit & calmly, quietly, tell her story to those who CHOOSE to listen.


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