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Dr. Drew Show on Headline News: We would like a public apology and an informed episode for the celiac disease community

    1. Nikki Everett
    2. Petition by

      Nikki Everett

      Laurel Springs, NC

My daughter is among the 3 million Americans who have celiac disease. Her struggle to get diagnosed properly took seven years to achieve. Since that time I have devoted my life to educating and spreading celiac awareness. The recent interview of Jennifer Esposito on her dismissal from CBS due to her ailments related to celiac disease was fraught with misinformation and a general lack of compassion that perpetuates the misunderstanding of this very serious disease.

We found Dr. Drew's interview to be extremely disrespectful to all of those who have faced the struggle of helping the public understand this disease, when so much misunderstanding is what they face daily. As a physician, Dr. Drew should have done more research into the diagnosis of celiac disease and the 155 related illnesses which may be linked to celiac disease, so that his questions would have been more effective in relaying the much needed information. Instead, he chose to take a very aggressive stance on questioning Ms. Esposito in a fashion that led those who are not informed to believe that her claims were on trial.

We need responsible reporting to help spread celiac awareness so that the millions who have gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed need not suffer silently.

Read the whole story here: http://glutendude.com/celiac/dr-drew-has-no-clue/

You can find the letter my 11 yr old daughter wrote here http://www.glutenfreekidsrock.blogspot.com/2012/11/dr-drew-shame-on-you-celiac-community.html.

Thank you to GFreek.com for posting interview in better quality.

An excellent recommendation from a blog post by Elana Amsterdam has spurred us to add to our original petition requesting an apology to also do another episode on celiac disease which is informative and raises awareness.



The following correct information is from the University of Chicago Center for Celiac Disease: 

Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disorder that
affects the digestive process of the small intestine. When
a person who has celiac disease consumes gluten, a
protein found in wheat, rye and barley, the individual’s
immune system responds by attacking the small intestine
and inhibiting the absorption of important nutrients into
the body. Undiagnosed and untreated, celiac disease can
lead to the development of other autoimmune disorders,
as well as osteoporosis, infertility, neurological conditions
and in rare cases, cancer.

Prevalence of Celiac Disease in the
United States
• In average healthy people: 1 in 133
• In people with related symptoms: 1 in 56
• In people with first-degree relatives
(parent, child, sibling) who are celiac: 1
in 22
• In people with second-degree relatives
(aunt, uncle, cousin) who are celiac: 1 in
• Estimated prevalence for African-,
Hispanic- and Asian-Americans: 1 in 236
• In the landmark prevalence study on
celiac disease, investigators determined
that 60% of children and 41% of
adults diagnosed during the study were
asymptomatic (without any symptoms).
• During the prevalence study, researchers
found that 21% of patients with a positive
anti-endomysial antibody test could not
receive a biopsy due to the refusal of their
physician to perform the procedure or the
insurance company to pay for it


Recent signatures


    1. 2,500 Goal Reached!

      Nikki Everett
      Petition Organizer

      YAY for TEAM GLUTEN FREE! Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! The more of your individual voices are heard the better. I am saving all of your signatures to share with the world!
      When I was new to my daughter's diagnosis, we found that the squeaky wheel got the grease so to speak with restaurants, doctors, and everyone we encountered. The pride in our community feeling the same and standing up to be heard is wonderful. Please keep it up by Tweeting, FB, and all other avenues you can!
      Thank you,
      Nikki Everett
      Director of Event Coordination
      ECHO Event Solutions
      Gluten Sensitivity Seminars, LLC
      Founder ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids), Charlotte, N.C.

    2. Reached 2,500 signatures
    3. Please Share and Help Us Reach 2,500!

      Nikki Everett
      Petition Organizer

      As we last updated, we are trying to hit 2,500 signatures so we can get another media outlet to cover the whole story. It is only with your help that this can be achieved. Please share this petition with anyone who might sign: Family, friends, co-workers. We feel that it is hugely important that media stop minimizing celiac disease and gluten intolerance because it only makes social perception even more confused that normal. We feel ALL media outlets should report factually on celiac disease and the seriousness of the illnesses that are related. With their help-, we can bridge gaps with the medical community and total awareness.

      Thank you,
      Nikki Everett
      Director of Event Coordination
      ECHO Event Solutions
      Gluten Sensitivity Seminars, LLC
      Founder ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids), Charlotte, N.C.

    4. Don't Give Up Now! Share Celiac Awareness Recruit Signatures!

      Nikki Everett
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach the 2,300 mark in signatures! You all have given so many of us inspiration and motivation beyond words to continue advocating for more celiac awareness and for accurate information to be presented in the media. But, we cannot stop at 2,300 and urge you to share, share, share!
      Jennifer Esposito has been tireless in her advocacy as well. We all owe her gratitude for bringing this disease more to the forefront than ever before. She told us on Twitter tonight that the Dr. Drew Show Producer has asked her to come back on the show. She is in a dilemma though because her trust in them presenting an accurate episode has been shaken terribly. We are trying to decide on whether to take this opportunity and another another media outlet to present the whole story, or trust that Dr. Drew will give the topic of celiac disease and leaky gut syndrome the attention it justly deserves.
      We will keep you posted on progress as it occurs.
      Thank you,

    5. Reached 2,000 signatures
    6. One Week Mark for Petition Dr. Drew

      Nikki Everett
      Petition Organizer

      Here we are at one week mark for the petition asking for Dr. Drew to apologize and give an informed program for the celiac community and for those who eat gluten free out of health necessity. We have reached 1,865 signatures!! No small feat for a movement started because my 11 year old wrote a letter voicing her opinion on the poorly conducted interview with Jennifer Esposito.

      Since that time I have written another post which shows that some people have chosen to oppose our efforts by taking a stance
      We feel this is counterproductive in achieving our goal and ask that you all take this opportunity to band together and make real change happen.

      Now is the time though when we need your help the most!
      We want to push past the 2,000 mark and onward so we get some media attention. Please share, share, share!

      Make a difference by using your voice and I promise to stand by it all the way!

      Gluten Free Kids ROCK !: Good Grief! Opposing Arguments on Dr. Drew/Jennifer Esposito Petition Gives Food For Thought

      This post will be long, so bear with me, because there are many important points to cover... As many of you know, we have a petition that we started on Change.org which can be found here: Shame On You Dr. Drew The petition caused a major movement that was on the brink of starting anyway due to Jennifer Esposito's treatment from CBS over her inability to work full time.

    7. Reached 1,500 signatures
    8. Celiac Community Responds!

      Nikki Everett
      Petition Organizer

      667 signatures and it hasn't even been a week since the petition started! You are all amazing! Since that time we have had a number of wonderful blogs inspired by this movement which are well worth the read.




      The GF Consumer is looking for more inspiring articles to share at

      Even more amazing to me, are the hundreds of responses on this petition!. They speak volumes about our need as a community for the medical profession to hear our pleas for more awareness.

      Keep em' coming - #TeamGlutenFree! #celiaclove!

    9. Reached 500 signatures
    10. Update Dr. Drew Show on Headline News:

      Nikki Everett
      Petition Organizer

      We have reached 445 signatures in only 48 hours! Thank you to everyone supporting this cause. The outpouring of support for the petition and to Jennifer Esposito's mistreatment is fantastic. You can find the letter my daughter wrote here http://www.glutenfreekidsrock.blogspot.com/2012/11/dr-drew-shame-on-you-celiac-community.html.

      There are blog posts about this petition to be found also at:

      Great job Team Gluten Free!

    11. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Emma Gilheany NEW YORK, NY
      • 9 months ago

      As a person with Celiac, after this episode I was flooded with texts telling me that "gluten free" was simply a fad. For people like me, it is not a choice, and Dr. Drew's words were very damaging. Apologize.

    • Heather Peterson BETHEL PARK, PA
      • 9 months ago

      Just diagnosed and have suffered for many, many years

    • Aleece Briggs LOUISVILLE, CO
      • 11 months ago

      I was misdiagnosed for over 20 years I have Celiac and a leaky gut. Ignorant Doctors are why so many are misdiagnosed apparently even Dr. Drew but it is worse with him because he has a large audience. He missed a great opportunity to help people. First do no harm comes to mind.

    • Becca Jackson CHESTERTON, IN
      • 11 months ago

      it is important for the health of this generation and those to come. 7 out of 10 people have gluten sensitivity, and most have no clue. is seriously bad tendency of people treating this issue as if it isn't real. yet continues consumption of gluten can cause stomach cancer. celiac and people with food sensitivities will continue to be treated like as though we have made it all up. Just because Drs don't have answers, well they need to better inform themselves before casting false judgment on those who are already suffering too much.

    • Sandra Warne HOUSTON, TX
      • about 1 year ago



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