Change the school year calendar
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DPS school Board and superintendent Tom Boasberg
Denver Public Schools - Too Darn Hot to Learn!

Change the school year calendar

    1. Stacy  Davidor Smith
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      Stacy Davidor Smith

      Denver, CO

Our kids are in classrooms that are 95 - 105 degrees, and leaving school sweaty, red faced, and feeling ill.  

Already this year-less than a month in session-a child has been rushed to the hospital due to heat.  By Law, children cannot be left alone in cars and are banned from hot-tubs.  There is a reason why, they do not have fully developed thermostats in their little bodies therefore they don't know when hot is too hot!

Yet, everyday we are sending our children to schools without air conditioning or proper ventilation because DPS is saying it is ok!

Changing the summer break from mid June through after Labor Day will shorten the amount of days they are in school in the heat. This needs to be changed for the Health and Safety of our kids!

Please make our children's health and safety a priority before anything else!

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    • Exir Kamalabadi RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I second this!

      "The superintendent needs to acknowledge that the heat is a serious issue and not just brush it aside with an email stating that there are no solutions. He and the administration need to include the building administrators, parents AND teachers in a discussion about all possible solutions. DPS needs to have a system in place that allows buildings to request funds for such large capital expenditures such as swamp coolers or portable AC. The students have been doing assessment tests the first two weeks of school, which will dictate the type of instruction they receive this year. Many students are performing poorly, below their level at the end of last year, due to the heat. What a waste of time and money. Changing the school year by taking the 8 professional development/assessment days out of the calendar will help solve the problem AND does not cost any money."

    • Mary Bonnie McComb HEDGESVILLE, WV
      • about 3 years ago

      A comfortable, healthy child and teacher can each do their job, that of teaching and learning better. Excess heat create illness and loss of attention.

    • Roger Kleckner DENVER, CO
      • about 3 years ago

      There are too many off days during the school year that raises havoc with scheduling. This should be an energy efficiency issue and better allocation of resources. This makes logical sense!

    • Kristi Laxton LAFAYETTE, IN
      • about 3 years ago

      Betsy Clark (petition signer) hit the nail on the head. If education is going to use standardized testing to determine how well teachers teach and children learn then they need to make testing conducive to doing their best. We had an AC issue last year and could tell the students were rushing to just get it over with.

      There are solutions if they would think out of the box.. And surveying teachers? that would be professional suicide if they said change it!

    • LaVerne Knight JEROME, ID
      • about 3 years ago

      A little less Christmas break and Spring break, juggle a few days here and there, and you can keep these poor kids out of the heat! Put on your thinking caps, DPS!


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