Don't Ruin the Rockies: Stop Big Oil's Dangerous Megaloads
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Don't Ruin the Rockies: Stop Big Oil's Dangerous Megaloads

    1. Petition by

      All Against The Haul

Oil giants ConocoPhillips and Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil have begun to drive dangerous “megaloads” across the narrow mountain roads of the northern Rockies. The goal? Deliver 207 loads of machinery, each as wide as the road and three-stories tall, to the Alberta Tar Sands for production of one of the world's dirtiest fossil fuels. But as they move, the megaloads have been blocking all traffic (including emergency vehicles), cutting power to local towns, damaging local scenery, and more. This petition asks regional leaders to halt the project and prevent the creation of a permanent industrial corridor through our most beautiful National Forests.

This is all happening on Highway 12 in Idaho and Montana, a National Scenic Byway through gorgeous territory once explored by Lewis and Clark - and yet Exxon is demanding that the Forest Service trim back every tree along the route with no regard for local tourism or the environment.

Residents along the route have joined National Forest supervisors, local Indian tribes, and national environmental groups in opposition to Big Oil’s northwestern greed. Most fear that the new activity will be permanent, creating lasting environmental damage. As one resident explained: "The black ice on Highway 200 is legendary… If these things tip over and spill into the river, there’s no crane, no machinery, around here that could take it out. You’d have to go all the way to Portland or Seattle to find one. Will it dam the river? What will it do to the banks?"

Stand up for the northwest, and against fossil fuels. Ask state and local officials to stop Big Oil and block the creation of a permanent industrial corridor in the northern Rockies.

Photo credit: A megaload similar to the ones Exxon and ConocoPhillips want to truck through the Northwest - note the log truck on the right for size comparison. Courtesy

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    1. Reached 9,000 signatures
    2. Big news!

      A judge has halted the megaloads shipments through Montana.

    3. Reached 7,000 signatures
    4. Megaloads opponents file petition for reconsideration with ITD

      Idaho activists have appealed an unfriendly state hearing decision. Citing several factual errors, an attorney for the opponents said, "“We believe he misapplied the legal standards... and we want to give him a chance to correct his decision."

    5. Exxon is spooked by civil disobedience

      Hires extra security during environmental conference.

    6. Reached 6,000 signatures
    7. Idaho megaloads case faces new challenge

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    8. Read about "Heavenly Highway 12" and why it's worth fighing for

      *Optional: How does this news coverage help your cause?

    9. Reached 5,000 signatures
    10. Help Us Reach Our Goal

      Please sign and share this petition! The goal is to get to 6,000 signatures by Tuesday. If you're from Montana or Idaho, tell us in the comments about why this is important to you.

    11. Reached 4,000 signatures
    12. Montana withdraws from oil spill cleanup over 'lack of transparency'

      Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is livid over Exxon's dishonesty surrounding the Yellowstone River oil spill. Do we really think they'll behave any differently with the megaloads - which Schweitzer supports?

    13. Sign and share!

      Let's get this to 5,000 signatures this week in reaction to the ExxonMobil spill in Montana.

    14. Exxon's oil spill in Montana: confidence inspiring?

      By now you've heard about ExxonMobil's most recent debacle - an oil spill in one of our nation's most prized rivers: the Yellowstone. Kinda makes you wonder how safe Exxon's plans are for the rivers their Megaloads would follow, don't you think?

    15. More Delays for Megaloads in Idaho

      Another delay: because Idaho State Police officers were otherwise busy over the Fourth of July, the monster trucks were not able to move with escorts, and their permits expired. New ones will have to be issued, giving activists more time to speak up.

    16. Reached 3,000 signatures
    17. Idaho Tree Trimming Begins

      Exxon isn't limiting its forest hacking to Highway 12 - they've got Parks and Rec in the college town of Moscow, ID doing their bidding now, too.

    18. ITD Hearing Officer Supports the Megaloads

      Duff McKee, the hearing officer for the Idaho Transportation Board, has recommended that the megaload permits proceed. The Board has yet to rule on his opinion - now's the time to step up the pressure!

    19. Exxon considering abandoning Highway 12, thanks to activists

      We're winning! The Missoulian reports that due to activist pressure, Exxon is taking a hard look at other, safer transportation routes for the megaloads, such as Canadian rail, that won't hurt rural communities or National Forests. Keep it up!

    20. Holding more feds responsible

      Advocates for the West, the non-profit lawfirm representing Idaho residents against Exxon, has added a new plaintiff to their federal lawsuit: the Federal Highway Administration. Read more here:

    21. All Against The Haul (AATH) went toe-to-toe with the Director of the Montana Department of Transportation, yesterday, at a hearing at the State Capitol in Helena. AATH announced that the Federal Highway Administration is beginning an investigation into shortcomings in MDT's analysis of megaload impacts to bridges along the proposed route. Read more here: or catch video highlights here:

    22. The fight continues. Check out this great "In These Times" profile of and interview with Fighting Goliath activists Linwood Laughy and Borg Hendrickson:

    23. Reached 2 signatures
    24. Your pressure is working! Exxon is considering sending these and future loads along less dangerous, more traditional routes, including the Panama Canal and Canada's Hudson Bay Railway: That wouldn't slow tar sands development, but it would at least protect America's forests by using established rail lines and shortening the overland segment of the trip 300 miles.

      Keep it up, and ask your friends to sign the petition!


    Reasons for signing

    • shannon sklut SURPRISE, AZ
      • about 3 years ago

      The oil giants are already responsible for destroying our oceanic ecosystem on multiple fronts, now they planning to destroy our magestic mountains for more money? The major oil companies are already responsibile for so many of the worlds ills, this is just another reason to be distisgusted by them.

    • Janet Ritchie BLOOMFIELD, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      These beautiful mountains and the roads that all travelers must use are easily damaged and are not designed for these types of extreme loads. If they must ship equiptment, at least make it safe for others who also use the roads and want to enjoy the scenery on the way.

      • about 3 years ago

      This is such a great example if the double-speak that comes from big oil....."To produce energy responsibly, we must understand and actively manage environmental risks and relentlessly focus on operational excellence."Exxon.....and then they destroy for profit what ever gets in their way.

    • LaVerne Knight JEROME, ID
      • about 3 years ago

      As an environmentally concerned (yes, a tree hugger!) Idahoan I can only say: stop! No more! This is just absolutely wrong and bad!

    • Renier Kruger CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA
      • about 3 years ago

      Don't we have enough oil?


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