Don't Let Big Tobacco Buy Off Jamaica
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Don't Let Big Tobacco Buy Off Jamaica

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      Corporate Accountability International


Given decades of evidence that tobacco is bad for health and the economy, why is Jamaica suddenly planning to expand tobacco growing by lending government land and technical support to British American Tobacco?

Well, it appears that the Jamaican government has a cozy relationship with Big Tobacco. British American Tobacco - the world's second largest tobacco corporation - recently gave the government money to repair police vehicles.

 What’s more, efforts to expand tobacco production are happening while tobacco use contributes to the leading causes of death in Jamaica and the Jamaican legislature stalls national tobacco control legislation.

Jamaica ratified the global tobacco treaty in 2005, yet its leaders are taking money from the industry and collaborating with Big Tobacco in clear breach of the treaty.

Help the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control get the attention of the government. Click here to send a message to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health. 


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    2. Thank you for everyone who has signed the petition, shared it on Facebook and Twitter and emailed their friends. This petition is the next step in a series of actions to get call on the Jamaican government to put public health ahead of profits for the tobacco industry.

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