Don't use my tax dollars to bring Egypt back to dictatorship!
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Don't use my tax dollars to bring Egypt back to dictatorship!

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      Better Life for Egypt

My friend, Ola Shahba, a young activist, was beaten on Wednesday by Islamist militias attacking a peaceful sit-in in front of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's presidential palace. Reports say hundreds have been injured in these clashes, and six people have died. Last Tuesday, sixty year old Fatehy Gharib, who could have been my uncle, decided to join a march from the Cairo neighborhood of Shobra to Tahrir to join the thousands of protesters demonstrating against the dictatorial moves made by Morsy. He was met with excessive tear gas, fainted, and died at a nearby hospital.

He could have been my cousin. Last Monday, hundreds of Egyptians mourned the killing of 16-year-old activist Gaber Salah (known as "Jika" among his friends), also during a demonstration against the ruling regime. He was shot 7 times for practicing his right to free speech and free association.

Millions of Egyptians struggled to oust the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak - only to face a new dictatorship by President Mohamed Morsy--backed by US tax dollars. Morsy has used the political capital he gained from brokering a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza to steal more freedoms away from Egyptians at home.

Millions are now out on the streets to rid Egypt of corrupt dictatorship once and for all. Morsy has given himself control over all three branches of government, rushed through the drafting of a constitution, while trying to stifle dissent by arresting journalists and anyone who speaks against him. Meanwhile, Egypt's police are as brutal as usual, killing 34 and torturing 88 in Morsy's first 100 days of office, and Egypt's economy continues its downward spiral - while the US Obama administration turns a blind eye.

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    1. A firsthand account of militia violence against peaceful protesters

      The Muslim Brotherhood's Militias in Action: A Firsthand Account

      The recent clashes at the Itihadiyya presidential palace leave little room for confusion. A day prior to these events, people took to the streets in Egypt's largest cities to denounce the manner in which the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled presidency has been running the country. On Wednesday 5 December, everything changed.

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    4. Protester dies from tear gas exposure

      Shubra march heads to Tahrir as protester dies from teargas | Egypt Independent

      Thousands of protesters are converging on Tahrir Square from various points around Cairo to protest President Mohamed Morsy's constitutional declaration, as one protester was reported to have died after fainting from teargas exposure. A march starting in the Shubra neighborhood north of Cairo, led by former presidential candidate Khaled Ali, arrived in the square late Tuesday afternoon.

    5. Secretary Clinton discusses political crisis with Egyptian Foreign Minister

      FM discusses political crisis, Gaza with Clinton | Egypt Independent

      Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr on Monday to underscore US hopes that Egypt's political crisis can be resolved in a democratic manner, the State Department said.

    6. Joint Statement by 22 Egyptian Human Rights Organizations

      Joint Statement by Twenty-Two Egyptian Rights Organizations on Morsi Declaration

      The following joint statement was issued by twenty-two Egyptian rights organizations in response to the recent constitutional decleration by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. The statement was originally published on 24 Novemeber 2012 by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.]

    7. "Morsi Must Go" Chant Thousans of Egyptians

      "Morsi Must Go" Chant Thousands of Egyptians

      Mass Protests Across Egypt demand President Morsi reverse power grabbing decree and many call for his resignation

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    10. Egypt fury over Mohammed Mursi 'coup against legitimacy'

      Egyptian fury over Mursi 'coup'

      Opposition groups in Egypt have called for mass protests on Friday against President Mohammed Mursi's decree that gives him sweeping powers. They have described his move as a "coup against legitimacy" and accused the president of appointing himself Egypt's "new pharaoh". The decree states that the president's decisions cannot be revoked by any authority, including the judiciary.


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    • ashraf gadalla GARDENA, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      WDon't use my tax dollars to bring Egypt back to dictatorshiphy is this important to you? (Optional)

    • Samia Hanna NORTHRIDGE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      No more blood , need peace

    • Jamie Walker GARDEN CITY, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      America has always stood AGAINST Dictators with it's military, while putting them into power with it's CIA.

    • Mona Rizk MARIETTA, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      To save Egypt from the Dicatorship of The Moslem Britherhood and from the atrocity they will practice against anyone who disagree with them that are over three quater of the population. They will lead Egypt to darkness. I refuse the constitution written and serving only the islamists extremists.

    • violette bassili BRIDGEPORT, CT
      • almost 2 years ago

      I do not want to see Egypt destroyed by these kind of fenatic Islamic mentality and erasing its histories with the dictatorship that this recent government is demonstrating


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