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Don't Shoot Catching Fire in North Carolina

    1. Laurie Mann
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      Laurie Mann

      McDonald, PA

North Carolina has taken a particularly hard line on the issue of gay marriage and against domestic partnerships for any couple (gay or straight). It is time for Americans to protest against such blatant bigotry.

One way to protest is to fight for a boycott against those industries who bring business to North Carolina, particularly business that could be conducted in other areas.

The Hunger Games movie was shot in North Carolina. When a production company like Lionsgate chose a location, the company looked for an area that's suitable for the script and for an area with local crew and extras. Clearly, North Carolina had those features.

But why should any industry, especially the entertainment industry, contribute financially to a state that passes laws against its own citizens? Isn't that one of the themes of the Hunger Games books - the absurdity of a repressive government at war against its own people?

We, the undersigned, urge Lionsgate to reconsider where they will shoot Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Choose a state that treats all of its citizens as equals.

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