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Don’t set us back half a century! Give stay-at-home moms credit.
  • Petitioned Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion
Stuart Ishimaru

Don’t set us back half a century! Give stay-at-home moms credit.

    1. Holly McCall
    2. Petition by

      Holly McCall

      Vienna, VA

September 2012


After over 40,000 people signed Holly McCall's campaign calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to change their 2009 ruling that prohibited stay at home parents from applying for a credit card without their spouse's permission, the CFPB announced that they would be making the change. Bureau Director, Richard Cordray said, "“We have determined that it is a significant problem”. He added that “tens if not hundreds of thousands” of Americans have been denied access to credit as a result of the rule." Holly applied for a credit card in October of last year and was denied. She says, " "I am thrilled to hear that Director Cordray and the CFPB are changing unfair credit rules that have been negatively impacting stay at home parents over the past year. When I first faced this problem last October, I had no idea my experience could lead to real change like this". Alongside her petition on MomsRising.org, Holly's petition lead the fight that brought about real change in the lives of stay at home parents across the country.

In 1974 Congresswoman Bella Abzug realized something: she could make laws in Congress, but she couldn’t get her own credit card without her husband’s permission.

Now, almost 40 years after Congresswoman Abzug fought for - and won - the rights of women to get their own credit, that right is being threatened.

Last year, a law called the CARD Act took effect. It was meant to protect consumers from misleading credit card practices. Instead, it set the United States back almost half a century. The CARD Act changed the way people - especially stay at home moms - could apply for a credit card. Instead of filling in your “household income” (the combined income of you and your partner or spouse), you can only note your own income. What does this mean?

It is 2012, and because I’m a stay at home mom, I can’t get my own credit card. My husband has to give me permission to get my own line of credit. This is demeaning and flat out unfair.

This is despite the fact that I make 95% of our household purchases, have an impeccable credit score and handle the majority of my family’s finances.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has the ability to change the CARD Act without going through a long, painful Congressional process. In fact, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created “to make markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans”.

I am an American and I’m a stay at home mom. There are millions of parents out there, just like me, who should be given the right to their own credit, but we need the CFPB to make this service work for us.

Join me to tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to fix this broken rule. Stay at home parents shouldn’t be devalued by our country’s credit policies.

***I am starting this petition in partnership with MomsRising.org

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    Reasons for signing

    • Deborah Grimm JOHNSTOWN, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      Sad that, after all the progress women have made, we still have to fight for so hard for financial equality.

    • Christina Mulliford FORT LEWIS, WA
      • about 2 years ago

      While I agree a job is important if you have a credit card, I myself am a stay at home mom (currently) and I have a credit card in my own name. Yes, my husbands paycheck DOES pay for it, but I use it only to purchase gas at a discount and to help build my own credit. I was not allowed to have my name jointly on our car paperwork due to my lack of a 'job', showing inability to pay. My having credit, despite who's paycheck is taking care of the bill, an help us when applying for a place to rent, buy, a new car loan, and many other things, whether I have a job or not.

    • Darlene Barber Waldron DANNEMORA, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      Stay at home Mom's mean they love their kids--I was a stay at home Mom until my children started school. I was not about to leave them in someone's care whom I did not know.

    • Shauna Storrs GOLDEN, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      I have a credit rating close to 800: I am 62 and have NEVER defaulted ANY financial obligation; have NEVER been denied credit until now. Although my husband makes over $100K a year and makes the $2,400 monthly house payment, this ENTIRE amount is counted as a liability against my disability income of $2,500 per month, without consideration of any other aspect of credit worthiness.

    • Ray Hudon CALGARY, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Mother's have the most important job in the world and should be recognized for it


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