Don't Overide Your Constituents or Fellow State Citizens with Your Vote
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Don't Overide Your Constituents or Fellow State Citizens with Your Vote

    1. Ashley Hoffman
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      Ashley Hoffman

      Washington, DC

This campaign will target all Super Delegates for the Democratic Convention that have endorsed Hillary Clinton but represent district or states that have overwhelminly supported Barack Obama -- starting with Georgia.

In Georgia, the representatives and party officials represented above have  endorsed Hillary, even though Barack won Georgia by 67 to 31 percent. Moreover, in these candidates own districts, Barack beat Hillary by overwhelming margins, attaining an average of 75 percent of the vote in all counties within the congressional district they represent.

We've watched as the Obama campaign has brought out scores of voters that have been historically underrepresented in voting, and united people of all colors, religions, ages, and even political parties for one common goal: Change.

If Obama wins the pledged delegates for states, but loses to Hillary because of Super Delegates, we'll lose those voters, that spirit, and that movement for the progressive change that our country needs so badly.

We must get these delegates to support the candidate that their district or state supports, and not take the voice away of so many that have been moved to give it.

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