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Don't Let Walmart Invade NYC

    1. Lauren Kelley
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      Lauren Kelley

      Brooklyn, NY

The on-again, off-again attempts by Walmart to infiltrate New York City are officially on again, as the mega-retailer tries to leverage momentum from its recent success in Chicago.

Two new Chi-Town stores will be part of a larger corporate effort to invade a number of major U.S. cities — which have so far largely eschewed Walmart’s advances — by building smaller “neighborhood markets.” The problem with that, of course, is that when Walmart moves into a neighborhood, local businesses go under, and any net jobs that are created are low-paying ones, further miring residents in the cycle of poverty.

The retailer has been vying to open stores in New York City for at least six years. Community groups and unions have tenaciously fought back against proposed developments in the past.

But this time, Walmart could have better luck. Knowing that friends in high places always help, the company won over the support of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said through a spokesman, “We shouldn’t tell businesses that want to invest and create jobs in New York City that they can’t. New Yorkers are already voting with their feet when they drive outside the city to shop at stores that aren’t in the five boroughs.”

Walmart has reportedly hired dozens of real estate agents to scout potential store locations across the five boroughs, while its PR machine has started working overtime in the city.

The retailer hasn’t yet managed to convince everyone with power in the city. But with Bloomie on board, the road is paved for Walmart to move in. Tell Mayor Bloomberg to stand up for New York workers and not let Walmart drive down wages and destroy local businesses in the Big Apple.

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    1. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      A City Council hearing on the living wage bill is scheduled for May 12th. A majority of Council members have signaled their support, but we're still five votes shy of the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto from Mayor Bloomberg, reports Crain's. Read more:

    2. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      The New York Post takes a peek into Walmart's "marketing war room" aimed at New Yorkers.

    3. Flash Mob Targets Developer of Possible Walmart Location in NYC

      Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      A lot of New Yorkers are upset at the prospect of a Walmart opening within the five boroughs, which could destroy jobs and drive down wages.
      Earlier this week, some of those citizens gathered at the corporate headquarters of the Related Companies, a...

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    5. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      WalMart Really Wants You To Welcome Them In NYC

    6. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      NYU's Oxfam advocates against Wal-Mart with employee speaker tour

    7. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      "Everything Walmart does deserves scrutiny, and its efforts to move into New York City are no exception."

    8. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      The New York Times details WalMart's agressive efforts to set up stores in New York

    9. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Warning to Wal-Mart: stay away from NYC

    10. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Wal-Mart pushing hard for New York City store

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    12. Poll: Most New Yorkers Think Walmart Will Be Bad for the City's Businesses

      Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      A poll conducted recently by Quinnipiac University has found that most New York City residents (68 percent) believe Walmart's lower prices would hurt smaller nearby businesses.
      So that's... a bad thing for Walmart, right? Well you wouldn't know it...

    13. Reached 2 signatures
    14. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      troubling news - Walmart bad for local business, but New Yorkers would shop there if convenient

    15. Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      What Walmart is doing in Chicago could be a concept made for Syracuse and Central New York

    16. Reached 2 signatures
    17. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      62 percent of small business owners don't see Wal-Mart in a favorable light.

    18. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Washington DC is also looking to curb the impact Wal-mart might have on their city

    19. Walmart's Latest Propaganda: No Seriously, We Love Workers

      judith meskill
      Petition Organizer

      Walmart has issued another round of ads aimed at convincing New Yorkers that the retailer will be great for the city, despite copious evidence to the contrary. And this latest media push is almost comically absurd: It's focused on how "pro-labor"...

    20. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Al Norman writes in the Huffington Post about Wal-Mart's deceptive use of public opinion polls as they try and make the case for their New York store

    21. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe blogs a response to city councilmembers who are supporting Wal-Mart

    22. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Salon reports on Wal-Mart's efforts to build in New York:

    23. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Opposition to Wal-Mart comes from many fronts: the ACLU is filling a gender discrimination suit

    24. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Bushwick, Brooklyn business owners speak out against Wal-Mart

    25. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Wal-Mart sends out mailing to local residents claiming to be union friendly


    Reasons for signing

      • over 3 years ago

      I too have seen Walmart practice homophobic ways in my small town of Creston, IA. While shopping anouther customer also there shopping called me a "prissy boy faggot". A Walmart employee was standing right there and instead of saying anything, he stood there, stuck out his finger, pointed at me and started laughing, I ran out of the store in tears. I never wish to have to go into that wretched store again

    • R. A. Osborne NEWPORT NEWS, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      By endorsing the Wal-Mart invasion, Bloomberg has shown his true colors. He sides with the Big Boys (Mega-corporations vs. small business / the Moneyed Class vs. the middle class). He's just another fat cat doing his part to ensure America becomes a two-class society: The Haves and the have-nots. Thanks a lot Mike.

    • Charles Cassels MONTGOMERY, AL
      • over 3 years ago

      Wal-Mart is destructive to local business. I don't live in NY but wish they weren't where I am now. I have seen many small hardware, grocery, discount stores go out of business when Wal-Mart moved in. It may seem great for locals who want less expensive items but you must remember where they get their "cheap" items and where they send the profits from sales to you. I don't believe Sam Walton intended for his company to be destructive to local business.

    • Theresa McCall LIVONIA, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      Walmart sells products produces by slave labor and hires cheap labor that's how they

      keep thie prices down,

      That is the way they put small businesses out of business.

    • Tonya Crumsey CHATTANOOGA, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      NYC and Walmart dont mix. I go to NYC to experience NYC not to see what I can in my own back yard. If I could get rid of them here I would. I have went into a walmart in 2 1/2 years. They destroy the communties they are in.


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