Don't Let the Justice Gap Grow
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Don't Let the Justice Gap Grow

    1. Kathryn Baer
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      Kathryn Baer

      Washington, DC

Last year, half the people who sought help from a nonprofit legal aid program that got funding from the Legal Services Corporation were turned away because of insufficient resources.

About a million cases where our system failed to provide equal justice under the law.

Nonprofit legal aid programs have experienced huge budget crunches due to a combination of recession-related impacts. They're cutting back on staff and on the types of cases they'll handle.

Grants from the Legal Services Corporation won't fully resolve their problems. But if Congress doesn't fully fund the corporation, the justice gap will surely grow.

The LCS budget is at high risk due to the Republican Congressional leadership's pledge to slash most non-security spending in the upcoming year.

So urge your members of Congress to approve the full budget increase the Legal Services Corporation has requested. It's a small amount. So it will have no meaningful impact on the deficit. But it will make a big difference to many thousands of struggling low-income people.

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