Don't let sick kids fall through the cracks

Don't let sick kids fall through the cracks

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Today, 1 in 5 children live in poverty in our country. Millions of these kids have difficulty getting to a doctor for the basic vaccinations they need to attend school or for the antibiotics that can quickly clear up an illness. As a parent, imagine having to rush your child every couple of weeks to a crowded emergency room for asthma attacks because you don’t have a pediatrician to turn to.

The health and well-being of America’s children are at stake, and they need our help. 

This election season, help us to urge both Presidential candidates to ensure that every child has access to proper health care and basic services.  

Show your support for vulnerable children by sending a clear message to our leaders: Our children will take care of the world tomorrow, but only if we take care of them today. 

Our children are our future, and I am urging both Presidential candidates to champion the health and well-being of kids who are falling through the cracks.

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    • Brandy Davidson LATONIA, KY
      • about 2 years ago

      As a struggling single mother with four children, I pray daily that my children never develop any serious illnesses or diseases. I know they receive sub-par medical care now because they receive a medical card, so I fear if they were to develop anything serious they would not receive good medical care and would have a less chance of recovering or "beating" it then children of well off families with private insurance.


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