Don’t let President Obama lift the Whaling Ban – not on Earth Day, not Ever.

Don’t let President Obama lift the Whaling Ban – not on Earth Day, not Ever.

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Today's global whale population is vulnerable like never before - gravely threatened by climate change, sea level and temperature variations, pollution, ship strikes, entanglement and food scarcity. 

Over 75% of the American public agrees: commercial whaling should be stopped TODAY. Yet, White House officials are meeting behind closed doors with foreign representatives to lift the whaling ban on Earth Day. Why is the White House entertaining actions that could lead to the slaughter of thousands of currently protected whales? Why commence the butchery on Earth Day? Since championing passage of the international ban on commercial whaling in 1986, every American President has made a commitment to lead in the worldwide fight to protect the global whale population. Even George W. Bush maintained the whaling ban.  

We can't let President Obama be the first president to fail his duty to protect whales from senseless slaughter. Write the White House today and tell Obama: we won't endorse commercial whaling on our watch!

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