Don't let NASA Torture Monkeys!
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Don't let NASA Torture Monkeys!

    1. connor hocking
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      connor hocking

      annapolis, MD
Nasa plans to spend $1.75 million on a project where about 30 squirrel monkeys will be exposed to deadly amounts of radiation and then locked up in a cage alone and tested on for years. The point? To test the effects of deep space on astronauts. This is not the way to do this! Please sign and share the petition above and show this video to anyone who would help do something about it.

Call NASA here (202) 358-0001. You can read from the text of the actual petition

I was shocked to learn that NASA intends to fund a project that will use squirrel monkeys for cruel experiments involving dangerous exposure to radiation. The use of monkeys in such experiments is both ethically and scientifically unjustifiable.
Please immediately put an end to these experiments and instead direct American tax dollars toward further developing and implementing modern non-animal research methods to learn about the health effects of space travel such as those being employed by the European Space Agency, which recently criticized the use of primates in space research.

Here are various facebook links against the group.!/group.php?gid=117335924961210&ref=ts!/officialpeta?ref=ts!/peta2?ref=ts

Join the NASA facebook group here and tag them in a post expressing your disgust at their plans here!/!/NASAKennedy?ref=ts


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