Don't Let Millions of Children Fall Behind: Support Early Childhood Special Needs Intervention
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Don't Let Millions of Children Fall Behind: Support Early Childhood Special Needs Intervention

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      Easter Seals

Every year, our nation fails to identify more than one million children under the age of five with a disability or at risk of a developmental delay. And according to a new Easter Seals 50-state report, we aren’t doing enough to keep children from falling through the cracks.

Kids who start school behind their peers may never catch up. We can give every child an equal opportunity to learn and grow, but we need to get kids the help they need in the critical years before they turn five.

If you believe all kids deserve a chance to learn, build lifelong skills, and live up to their full potential, your elected officials need to hear from you today!

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    • Kelly Miller-Scarth OAK ISLAND, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      My Son is Mentally Delayed and Has Sensory Processing Disorder and Was Non Commutative I wish the programs that have help my son so much Was Birth til 4 or 5 Cause even at 3 kids are still learning so much and need every advantage

    • tina barrett` PEORIA, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      my daughter was a twin and i lost her twin when i was 5 months pregnant.. they closed my cervix to fight for her life, at birth she was so intangled in the cord that it was around her neck twice and her chest twice every contraction was killing her ,when she was born they told us she would never tlk walk or fend for herself i placed her in a early program when she was 6 months old monday march 26th 2012 she will be 13 due to her attendace in that program today she walks talks and she basicly fends for herself ..its alot on a parent to fight the world when ur told it aint gonna happen here today to tell u it can happen and with these programs these children can recieve the skills they need to live as u and i


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