Don’t Let Michael Vick Benefit from Abusing Dogs

Don’t Let Michael Vick Benefit from Abusing Dogs

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Don’t Let Michael Vick Benefit from Abusing Dogs

Work with ISAR to ensure that every individual, company and organization throughout the world will not benefit Michael Vick in any manner whatsoever.


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It is once again time for caring individuals, not only in the United States but throughout the world, to strike a blow for animals in general and our canine friends in particular. And all it takes is one fleeting moment to add your name to our Petition.

Michael Vick, former NFL quarterback, pleaded guilty to being the central figure in a dog fighting ring.

As Vick nears the end of his prison sentence and scheduled July 20, 2009 release, there has been talk of what he’ll do when he’s released. Will professional football welcome this criminal back? Can he recapture some of his lucrative product endorsements? How about an amends-making reality TV show? What about a radio talk-show?

But no matter how Vick tries to cash in on his criminal “celebrity,” he must be stopped— because every benefit he obtains once released from prison will be derived not from his former football stardom, but from the publicity he received from his criminal abuse of dogs.

ISAR has taken it upon ourselves to lead that fight.

Each time ISAR learns that Vick has, or is about to, benefit from his criminal “celebrity,” we’ll send our “Stop Dog Abuser Michael Vick From Benefiting From His Crime” Petition to everyone who’s trying to help him. We’ll also send an email to all Petition signers informing them that we’ve done it.

Vick’s sentence, a mere two years in prison, was insufficient punishment for his savage acts. ISAR’s Petition is a grass roots effort to further punish Vick for his abominable conduct, and we vow to keep after him even after he has faded from public view (and the sooner the better).

ISAR hopes that within the next few weeks we’ll receive at least 10,000 signatures so that as soon as we know exactly how Vick is trying to cash in on his criminal “celebrity,” we can send the Petition to every individual, company and other organization which might benefit him.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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      • about 4 years ago

      No animal should come to Harm from a Human

      • almost 5 years ago

      He should NOT receive an Ed Block Courage Award.  This is an insult to the players that deserve this award.  He's lucky to have a job in the NFL.  His obstacles were of his own making.  This is a mockery of the word Courage.

    • Val Nieters MIDLOTHIAN, VA
      • about 5 years ago

      Because he is "morally bankrupt" and should be banned forever!

      Such cruelty is unforgiveable!!

    • Kevin Balch QUAKERTOWN, PA
      • about 5 years ago

      Vick just signed on with the Eagles!! That use to be my team. He should not represent Phila!!! I am embarrassed for my city!! Horrible! The Eagles will never be on our tv as long as that sick murderer is affiliated with the team. Cowboys this year. BAD BAD BAD call, Jeff Laurie. Nobody can support this and also call themselves at the least, humane and at the most a dog-lover/advocate. WTF, Andy Reid? You should be ashamed of yourselves. A second chance? Not for this. Millions of kids and young adults are now learning a lesson of this 'new-kind-of-world' we are living in. The bottom line, Greed. All of you. EVERYONE is replaceable! You could have taught a valuable lesson to all people, for the good. You all chose the bottom line. This has literally made me sick to my stomach. I thought MAYBE some shitty team "somewhere" else would be stupid and sign him. BUT THE EAGLES!!! Home of brotherly love! MY team! JHC!  New Phila. slogan 'Lock up your Beagles, here comes the Eagles!'  Sick to my soul, Bethayn Balch  Quakertown, Pa.

    • mitch somers LAS VEGAS, NV
      • about 5 years ago

      if the NFL doesnt suspend this bum...   Ill never watch an NFL game again !!


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