Don't Let Kellogg's Buy Scientists: Froot Loops Aren't a Healthy Breakfast
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Don't Let Kellogg's Buy Scientists: Froot Loops Aren't a Healthy Breakfast

    1. Robin Beck
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      Robin Beck

      Berkeley, CA

October 2009


UPDATE 4: Score one for reason and honesty! Thanks in part to the intrepid efforts of and its awesome concerned citizens, the Smart Choices labeling scheme, which sought to peddle clearly unhealthy foods as wise eating choices, has been halted, reports MSNBC.

UPDATE 3: Tufts University is asking to have its name removed from the Smart Choices site because it "falsely implies a direct relationship." Will the Baylor College of Medicine be the only nonprofit organization not to back away?

UPDATE 2: The American Diabetes Association has also confirmed that it is not associated with or endorsing the Smart Choices program. Their name has been removed from the Smart Choices site.

UPDATE: The American Dietetic Association has asked Smart Choices to have its name removed from the Smart Choices media materials and Website!  CEO Patricia M. Babjak wrote to clarify that the American Dietetic Association neither "participates in or endorses the Smart Choices program." We have now removed them from this petition.

The nation's largest food manufacturers, including Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods, ConAgra and PepsiCo, want you to believe that Froot Loops and other unhealthy foods are "Smart Choices." And they have somehow convinced representatives from the Baylor College of Medicine to back them up.

The new "Smart Choices" program--an industry-backed marketing ploy--puts a green check mark on products that are determined to be "smarter food and beverage choices."  But the choices selected are anything but healthy.

Dr. Eileen T. Kennedy, president of the Smart Choices board and the dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, said in a New York Times article that she supported giving Froot Loops the green check mark because compared to feeding your children doughnuts for breakfast "Froot Loops is a better choice."

Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal is 41% sugar. There is nothing "smart" about Froot Loops or other foods packed with sugar.  

The reality is that the food industry is using the Smart Choices program to deceive parents and other shoppers into buying the very food that has led to a costly epidemic of diabetes and obesity -- and researchers like Dr. Kennedy are abetting this deception by associating themselves and their respective institutions with the program.

This is outrageous. 

Send a letter today and tell all four doctors supporting the Smart Choices program to stop shilling for Kellogg's. They, and the leaders of their respective institutions, need to hear that you think it is wrong for them to support any program that gives sugary cereals and other unhealthy foods a stamp of approval as healthy choices. 

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