Don't Let Electronics Be Taken Away From Inmates
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Don't Let Electronics Be Taken Away From Inmates

    1. Nicole Reed
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      Nicole Reed

      Wichita, KS

This is a petition to stop the petition to have electronics taken away from Kansas inmates. The electronics the KDOC provides to our inmates keeps them out of trouble, keeps their minds sane and keeps violent crimes such as stabbings, fighting, rape, and many other things out of our prisons. By taking away electronics from our inmates, they would no longer have access to their hot pots to cook their food, nor fans to keep them cool during the 110 degree weather!  Currently someone has put in a petition to take away the use of electronics of Kansas inmates at the victims or victims families discretion.  These things are a way of survival for the inmates. The following is a list of things that will no longer be available if this law passes....

Calculator (Level 2 & 3 only) $4.16 
Surge Protector (Level 2 & 3 Only) $10.64 
Extension Cord $3.99 
Clear Electric Alarm Clock $11.74 
Alarm Clock Radio (Level 2 & 3 Only) $10.63 
Koss CL-4 Headphones (Level 2 & 3) $10.27 
Digital Watch $12.77 
AM/FM Radio (Level 2 & 3 only) $13.66 
Hi-Intensity Desk Lamp $14.13 
Hot Pot $12.47 
Mp3 A/C Adapter $6.24 
Mp3 Replacment Ear Buds $6.24 
Mp3 Battery Charger w/2 batteries $9.62 
2 pak rechargable AA batteries $4.99 
Flat Panel TV Remote 1 $7.13 
Flat Panel TV Remote 2 $7.13 
Universal TV Remote $11.88 
AAA Rechargeable Battery 1 each @ $2.49 
AAA Non Rechargeable Battery 1 each @ $0.69 
Fan - 8" Clear Fan $13.23 
KOSS CL20 Headphones $20.07 
MP3 Keyboard $28.75 
TV - 13" Clear Flat Screen TV $163.30 
Typewriter - Swintec 2410CC Clearview $219.37

These are things that came straight from the KDOC commissary list. As you can see, these inmates are having to earn a level of good behavior to even have the privilege of purchasing most of these items as well as paying outrageous prices to get them. These things are some of the only things keeping violent crimes such as stabbing, fighting, rapes, and many more out of the prisons. Ask yourself this, what would happen to our loved ones working as guards in the prisons if we voted to have these things taken from the inmates? What would happen to the inmates? Please, for those of you that have loved ones either incarcerated in the prisons or working in them, make sure this petition is signed by you, your friends, family, and relatives, to ensure the law against electronics in our prisons isn't passed. Thank you! This is a serious request, and if we're going to support to have these things taken away from them then we might as well just sentence them to death at the time of their trials. Our prisoners suffer enough as it is, lets sign to not have these things taken away from them!

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    • Maggie Small WICHITA, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      I think the incentive plan is a wonderful idea for promoting good behavior in the prison system. The idea of just locking them up in an empty cell is unrealistic and impractical. Allowing inmates these tiny tokens of humanity is also a great relief to the family members who are deeply affected by the incarceration of their loved one.

    • Wanda Pride WICHITA, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      Not all inmates are in prison for the same reasons, some are in there for non-violent crimes. Basic human rights should not be excluded.

    • Akelee Ridge KANSAS CITY, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      Electronics is a Blessing for Inmates locked behind Prison Walls, of which not everyone in prison is guilty of the crime--

    • Amy Rogers WICHITA, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      tis is important to me because my husband is one of them....He has personally bought ALL of his electronics and deserves to be able to use them....

    • larry stotts HUTCHINSON, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      Who would ever propose such an amendment? What's wrong with Kansas? Make your vote count.


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