Don't Deport DREAMer Paulina Krynska
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Don't Deport DREAMer Paulina Krynska

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      United We Dream

Paulina Krynska and her family live in our neighborhood and as soon as I met her we became great friends. Paulina has become a large part of my life and many others as well.

When Paulina was a young child she was moved here by her parents from Poland for better medical care as well as a better life. She was not at an age to yet know what she wanted in life. She wants to stay here, at home. The only real home she has known has been in America.

She went to school here and onto to college. She went to work here. She made friends here. She made her life here. She has no criminal record. She was forced to take the choice of voluntary departure. The same day she went through the voluntary departure procedure, the Department of Homeland Security announced new guidelines to not prioritize the deportations of DREAMers and it was too late for her to take advantage of this.

"To send her out of The United States at this point in her life would be like sending my own US born daughter out of the United States. She would be lost!"

This girl just wants to stay in the only country she calls home. This country is supposed to be there for those who pursue happiness and freedom. Hers is being ripped from her.

Please help to keep Paulina here with us.


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