Domestic Violence Victim Evicted for Calling Police for Protection
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Frankfort Kentucky Housing Authority

Domestic Violence Victim Evicted for Calling Police for Protection

    1. Lisa Phillips
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      Lisa Phillips

      Frankfort, KY

February 2013


Lisa Phillips: Thank you ALL for helping by signing and supporting my petition for Victim's Rights. This has been an ongoing battle since June, 2012. With the help of Attorney Art Crosby of the Lexington Fair housing Counsel, HUD has had the Frankfort Housing Authority under investigation. The HA's stance to HUD has been that I was NOT a victim of domestic violence at all. After sending HUD photos of several occurrences of abuse and a copy of my now ex husbands indictment for domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment, tunes have changed. I have had to go to eviction court once a month only to have it postponed while the investigation was ongoing. Well, today it was totally dismissed!! The HA has no choice now but to drop the eviction proceedings and allow me to stay in my home!! I can not thank you all enough for your support during this difficult time. Our voices have been heard!!

The ACLU states that Domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of gender-based violence deprive women and girls of their fundamental ability to live with dignity. Women and girls experience domestic violence and sexual assault at alarming rates. Governments, institutions, laws, and policies contribute to the systematic devaluation of the lives and safety of women and girls by failing to respond to gender-based violence and discriminating against those subject to such violence. Accountability by the government, employers, landlords and others, as well as recognition that discrimination against survivors is a form of sex discrimination, are essential to enable women and girls to live lives free from violence.


My name is Lisa and on June 1, 2012 I made the biggest mistake of my life. i married a man who I thought loved me but started abusing me on the 8th day of our marriage. The picture included with this petition is of a bite mark on my torso I sustained from my husband while he was abusing me. Scared and embarrassed, it took me another 2 weeks of ongoing abuse to finally call the police for protection. The Frankfort, Kentucky police informed me that even though we had not yet even moved in together and he did not reside at my residence, did not get mail there, was not on the lease, and had no belongings there that because we were married they could not force him to leave. The Frankfort police then issued me a citation for disorderly conduct because I was upset, crying, and found it hard to calm down. The officer then proceeded to tell me that he was going to contact my landlord, The Frankfort Housing Authority, and have me evicted because I told him I would fight the citation it court. Ultimately, the charges against me were dismissed but I was served with an eviction notice.


The eviction notice stated the reason for the termination of my lease was several incidents involving the police at my residence. I immediately called the Frankfort Housing Authority as to why I was being evicted for being a victim of domestic violence. I spoke with the Public Housing Coordinator and he informed me that he did not believe I was a victim of domestic violence because the officer who reported to them about the incident failed to mention it was a domestic violence call made by myself and only told him that he served me with a citation. I was told to submit in writting a request for a formal hearing which I did the very next day. While at the Housing Authority office submitting the written request, I showed my many many bruises to the Executive Director so that she could see I was a victim for herself. She then informed me that if the calls to police were for protection, then I shouldn't worry because I had a very strong case.

My husband has abused me several more times since that first time I called the police and was issued the eviction notice. Now I am terrified to call the police or anyone for help so I just have to keep enduring the abuse out of fear.  My soon-to-be ex husband keeps threatening me that he will call my landlord or call the police (which means eviction or possibly more charges) and even threatened to have me murdered if I don't take his abuse, try to make him leave my home, or try to leave him. I was finally able to file an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) against him and now his family has been following me while I'm driving my car and threatening me. I'm living in constant fear of his and his family's threats, of the police, and of losing my home.


My formal hearing was finally set for August 22, 2012.  At the hearing, I presented all police reports and dispatch logs to prove they were protection calls, emergency protective order against my husband, divorce filings, and even showed them the new current bruises, abrasions, and even bite marks (pictured above) that I have sustained as a victim of violence. The Public Housing Coordinator's response to seeing the beat up condition of my body was, " I wasn't there when you sustained those marks so there is no proof it was from domestic violence."  I was then informed that it did not matter why I called the police, even if it was for protection. They said having the police come to my residence for any reason is a violation of my lease as it would cause a disturbance. The final decision of the formal hearing was to move forward with my eviction. 


If we as abused women can't even call the police who are there to serve and protect us in our communities for fear of our children becoming homeless, then where do we turn for help? No one should ever have to live with this type of fear. My 13 year old son asked me, "Mom, what if we end up no where?" I assured him not to worry, that mommy would always find our way and that we would never be "no where". I am asking for your signatures in helping me keep a secure home for my son. He needs stability in his life.  This is an injustice and someone has to fight back against it. That's why I need your help! Our voices need to be heard.

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    • Kirby Donnelly BENSALEM, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      It just is.

    • Courtney Fisher LOCK HAVEN, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      this is absolutely not okay. i am very much agaiinst what happened to this women

    • Erica Smith LEWISTOWN, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      I met a co-worker who had a problem like this and was finacially unstable. She tried to leave but could not because the landlord was friends with her husband. She finally left and took her children with her, however she still struggles to get by and is living off of a friend for support. It is not right that a woman should be evicted for trying to protect herself.

    • Victoria Dudash COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      I was in a few abusive relationships and I commend this woman for standing up for herself! Guys like this and like my ex husband need to be arrested for domestic violence!

    • Emily Lueck COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      When I was married to my ex, I was told if I pressed charges on him for the physical abuse and many rapes that because I fought back I'd be arrested too. I wasn't even allowed to defend myself against my attacker.


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