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      Operation Kids

It has been said that two keys to rebuilding New Orleans are a re-built, solid levee system, and a re-built, solid public education system.

It’s ironic how both failures wreaked such havoc on our community.

One took the blink of an eye and the other took decades.

I’m no engineer.  I don’t own a bulldozer.

But I can do something about public education in New Orleans.

And together, you and I and our friends can make a real difference.

If you care about New Orleans.

If you care about the City’s renewal, about its rebirth.

If you think public education is an integral component of a healthy, vibrant community.

Then please click on this link to learn what New Orleans Outreach is doing to make public education in New Orleans something we can look upon with pride.

Operation Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to re-building children’s dreams in New Orleans.  They are working with New Orleans Outreach because quality education can no longer be a dream. 

It must become reality.

You can make it so.

Please take a few minutes to learn how.



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