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Do Not Let SC Approve Revoking Driver Licenses To High School Dropouts

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      Bobby McFadden

      Ridgeway, SC

Recently, the SC House of Representatives passed a bill that would suspend licenses for teens under 18 who drop out of school or are excessively absent. This bill has to pass another vote in the House before it reaches the Senate. 
The bill outlines exceptions for teenagers if the license is necessary to obtain a job or for other family obligations. Students who continue education via GED classes or who return to school would be eligible to obtain their licenses.

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    • Cary Allen-Blevins CHICAGO, IL
      • over 3 years ago

      As a SC high school dropout who recently received my Bachelor's degree, I can attest that this measure will not change the dropout rate. The quality of education provided by SC public schools needs to be fixed in order to keep students in school.


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