Do not Let Corporate Gas Drillers Trump Local Rights of Pennsylvanians - Say No to HB 1950/SB 1100
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Do not Let Corporate Gas Drillers Trump Local Rights of Pennsylvanians - Say No to HB 1950/SB 1100

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      Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Don’t let Harrisburg and the gas industry take over our towns! 

Immediate action needed to stop the gutting of municipal rights regarding gas drilling by the PA Legislature; Stop Scarnati’s Shale Bill (SB1100/HB1950)!
PA House Bill 1950 was passed out of committee on November 2; the full House and Senate may vote in the near future. This Corbett Administration proposal would remove oil and gas drilling and associated activities from nearly all local land use regulation, including regulation under the Municipalities Planning Code, would go beyond prior court decisions regarding the current Act’s preemptive scope, and would effectively relegate a municipality to an irrelevant advisory role to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (“PADEP”) in the oil and gas permitting process, with no right to appeal or review PADEP’s decisions on permits. In other words, eviscerate local rights, removing the ability of towns to protect residents from gas drilling through zoning!

 A democratic society supports local decision-making. Pennsylvania’s citizens must be able to have input into the laws and practices that affect them and municipal officials must be able to represent their constituents.


·         Pennsylvania’s Municipalities Planning Code gives municipalities the authority to address matters influencing local environmental protection and preservation. With the passage of HB 1950/SB1100, our municipalities will lose that authority.

·         The State Constitution obliges municipalities to be stewards of public resources—applicable to the impacts of industrial-scale gas development on water and air quality, land, and communities.

·         Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Act allows the use of municipal zoning codes to restrict the location of gas wells—similar to how zoning can be used to restrict every other type of economic activity.

·         The PUC ordinance promoted through this bad shale bill would require municipalities to allow oil and gas development in certain zoning districts and prohibit most restrictions on traffic, noise, light, and hours of operation. This forces cash-strapped local governments to choose between receiving revenues and adopting protective measures, and punishes those that choose the latter.

Please sign this petition to Pennsylvania elected officals today to ensure corporate rights do not trump local community rights. 

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    1. Feb 15: PA Legislature Gives Gift to Drillers - HB 1950 is now Law

      Come out and make some noise tomorrow!
      Three “lunch hour” protests being held at offices of elected representatives who voted for HB1950 last week, selling us out to the gas industry. Please go to the one nearest you!

      Thursday, February 16
      Noon to 1:00 pm – Near Senator McIlhinney'sOffice (215-489-5000): North Main and Court Sts., Doylestown, PA 18901
      Noon to 1:00 pm -- Sen. Ted Erickson’s office, 5037 Township Line Rd., Drexel Hill, PA (noon to 1pm on Thursday)
      11:30 am -- Sen. Tim Solobay’s office, 68 E. Pike St. Canonsburg (at the Canonsburg Borough Bldg.)

      WE NEED YOU THERE: Please come join your fellow constituents to express your outrage and disappointment that the PA Legislature has now made HB1950 into law.

    2. Feb 8th update: th PA House members need to hear from us today!

      They are debating HB 1950 on the floor now after a late night lastnight where they did not have the votes to push this bad legislation through. Our leaders are hearing us but we need to keep the calls and emails going today to the house. Let's kill this bill and every call and email counts! Please email your reps and then call these targets too:

      Katharine Watson - 717-787-5452
      Marguerite Quinn - 717-772-1413
      John Taylor - 717-787-3179
      Gene DiGirolamo - 717-783-7319

    3. Emergency Calls Needed Now!

      The conference committee that is “negotiating a compromise” on the Impact Fee bill that would gut municipal rights and pre-empt local zoning and controls of gas drilling is reportedly getting ready to release a compromise bill. This could be voted on as early as Monday or Tuesday, Feb. 6 or 7! This is our last chance to tell our elected representatives in Harrisburg to VOTE NO on SB100 and HB1950. All state legislators contact info can be found at:

      We are targeting key Senators that have the power to stop this takeover of communities by the State and the gas industry.
      Chuck McIlhinney (PA-10) – Doylestown: 215-489-5000
      Tommy Tomlinson (PA-06) – Bensalem: 215-638-1784
      John C. Rafferty, Jr. (PA-44) - Chester County: 610-469-8390
      Stewart Greenleaf (PA-12) – Willow Grove: 215-657-7700
      Dominic Pileggi (PA-9) – Glenn Mills: 610-358-5183
      Edwin Erickson (PA-26) – Drexel Hill: 610-853-4100
      Please take action now!

    4. Join us in Harrisburg Jan. 17 - put local rights before corporate drillers

      11:00 am
      Tuesday January 17
      Capitol Rotunda
      Harrisburg PA
      The Pennsylvania Legislature ended 2011 by attempting to pass bills (SB 1100 & HB 1950) that would allow the state to take away a municipality’s power through zoning to determine what is best for its community regarding natural gas drilling and operations. When they come back Jan. 17, they will begin anew to negotiate this Bill so the Senate and Assembly versions match. This is our moment to stop this terrible bill from becoming law!
      Why should the gas industry get special treatment? How can the Legislature let the State and gas drillers take over our home towns?
      Join us on in Harrisburg as we welcome the Legislature back from break and deliver the message that they must protect our health, water, air, & communities by opposing legislation that allows the state takeover of municipal rights.

    5. PA Legislators Need To Hear From Us - Call them today and into January!

      The Senate voted to approve SB1100, “Impact Fee” Bill, and the House voted “not to concur” with the Senate version (theirs is HB1950), which keeps the Bills alive and sends them to a committee for negotiation. The Bills are being moved despite strong opposition from many municipalities, constituents, community organizations and environmental groups. These bills will eviscerate municipal controls over gas drilling due to proposed changes to current law that will allow the State to take over municipal regulation of gas drilling within local jurisdictions. This poison pill makes these bills totally unacceptable.

      A “conference committee” made up of members of both the Senate and House will be meeting in January 2012 to reconcile the two Bills - Call key Senators today and also write a letter with a few clicks at the link below. Thanks for keeping the pressure on at this important time!

    6. Reached 3,000 signatures
    7. Please call your Senators Immediately

      We understand this bill is coming to the floor on Monday or Tuesday (Oct 21/Nov 1) so call your PA Senators immediately. Also call these leaders: Sen Pilleggi 717-787-4712; Sen Costa 717-787-7683; Sen Hughes 717-787-7112; Sen Scarnati 717-787-7084.

    8. PA Senate set to vote on this bad bill first week of November!

      The direc­tors of five envi­ron­men­tal advo­cacy groups — Clean Water Action, Delaware River­keeper Net­work, the Sierra Club’s Penn­syl­va­nia branch, Earth­works and Pen­n En­vi­ron­ment — have sent a let­ter to state sen­a­tors, in advance of next week’s vote on a nat­ural gas impact fee. Check out link below for the full letter and then call your state Senator and tell them to vote no on this bad bill.

    9. Reached 2,000 signatures
    10. Reached 1,500 signatures
    11. Why Industry and Local Governments are "At Odds" over Drilling Bill

      Read it in The Pocono Record: "But the natural gas industry wants the model zoning ordinance, because they say it will streamline their operations..."

      Hmm, anything that streamlines the industry's already slim lack of regulations is trouble.

    12. Reached 1,000 signatures
    13. Reached 750 signatures
    14. Please double your impact and make a call to PA legislators now

      Now out of committee, SB1100 could get to the Senate floor for a vote at any moment. If the Bill passes, local zoning authority will be gutted. Knowing how ineffective state and federal regulations are, this will mean communities will be even more vulnerable than they are today to polluting gas drilling. Go to “Who’s my legislator” at Then click on the name to get your legislator’s website and contact info.
      • It’s especially important that Sen. Scarnati hears from residents in his district (map at 717-787-7084 or
      • Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi: 717-787-4712 or
      • Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa: 717-787-7683 or
      • Assembly Majority Leader Mike Turzai: 717-772-9943 or
      • Assembly Minority Leader Frank Dermody: 717-787-3566 or

    15. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Mo Crowe BEVERLY HILLS, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Usurping civil rights, ignoring court decisions and deregulating for profit only is

      unpatriotic and unethical.

    • Matthew Sarver WILMINGTON, DE
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a landowner in Westmoreland County who believes that local municipalities should retain their ability to regulate oil and gas drilling under local zoning regulations.

    • Joe Daknis FERNDALE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      If not for the efforts of my township supervisors and their RIGHT to enforce local zoning, there *would already be* at least one well pad (and probably several more) less than 2 miles from my home. I am grateful for their hard work on behalf of citizens of Nockamixon Township and I don't want to see other municipalities lose their right to tell drillers WHERE and HOW they can and can't drill.

    • John Harrington VILLANOVA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I want water to come out of my faucet, not water and natural gas!

    • Teresa Stimpfel ROBBINSVILLE, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      My family lives in PA also I want to protect the DR Basin


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