Do not Discriminate Against Pit Bulls in Maryland
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Do not Discriminate Against Pit Bulls in Maryland
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Do not Discriminate Against Pit Bulls in Maryland

    1. Katie  Lacko
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      Katie Lacko

      Frederick, MD

Pit Bulls are not inherently dangerous. If they were, there would be a lot more attacks than there are. Maryland has recently deemed Pit Bulls as inherently dangerous and that if they attack, the owners are automatically liable. There is no chance for owners to proove their dog isn't aggressive. As long as the ownere relizes it's a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix, the dog is automatically deemed dangerous. As a Pit Bull owner, I realize the responsibility I must have in owning one. Even though I adopted him at a year, he still is a very sweet dog and well trained. I'm sick of being discriminated because I have a Pit Bull and this is the final straw. I am asking you to please help support me and help save many Pit Bull's and Pit Bull mixes' lives. I love my dog like a child. He helps me through a lot. I know I'm not alone and there are Pit Bull owners just like me. Please just help us, the Pit Bull owning community. Thank you.


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    1. UPDATE

      Katie  Lacko
      Petition Organizer

      Things remain on hold due to a "bigger" issue. The law deeming Pit Bulls automatically dangerous is on hold right now. They will bring up the issue again later.

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    • Samantha Allen BALTIMORE, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      I have a American Pitbull terrior. He is my lap puppy, my childrens best friend. I am against this because people shouldnt discriminate to pets or people.

    • Heidi Vitela HAVRE DE GRACE, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      I have worked as a Veterinary technician for 8 years now, and in those years, I have only met one mean pit bull and that dog was severly abused. My clinic sees Pit bulls on a daily basis and they are loving family pets, and very easy to work with. It is common knowledge in the Veterinary field that the dog breeds to watch out for are : Chihuahua's, German Shepherds, Chows and Sharpeis. NOT Pitbulls!! STOP THIS RIDICULOUS BAN!!!!!!

    • Amanda Shiflett YORK, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      This is mass hysteria at it's finest. Pit Bulls were the most popular household dog in America in the 1950's. Their image was used to represent America in WW1 and they were wartime heroes finding wounded soldiers and alerting their units to incoming attacks. It is time we remember that and defend these animals that this nation once held in such high regard for their sound character, strength, bravery, unwavering loyalty, vigilance and intelligence. Their greatest strength being that they are gentle loving human companions. While it is quite obvious that there is a problem in some communities regarding loose dogs harrassing/attacking people, criminal activity

      involving the use of dogs, and dog attacks in general, BSL fails to reduce the occurance of these problems because it fails to address the root cause: people. BSL doesn't work because it is purely predjudicial in nature. Instead of punishing owners who are irresponsible and criminals

      who use dogs for illegal purposes, the legislation targets dogs for simply

      existing, and people's rights to own the breed of dog they so choose. BSL is also largely based on misinformation and truth-twisting, its authors citing the "inherent viciousness" of certain dog breeds as plenty reason to outlaw even those dogs that have never acted in a criminal fashion. Bite

      statistics are also used as justification since "pit bulls" often top such lists.

      Of course, no breed is inherently vicious, and the accuracy of bite stats are

      suspect as best, not taking into account the popularity of this dog in certain communities and mis-identification of the breed. Without knowing the population of a given breed in a particular area, there is no way of knowing whether 10 bites by a given breed represent

      one dog who has bitten many people, or 10 dogs who have each had a single incident. All dogs bite. All dogs can inflict harm. There is no scientific study to prove that one breed of dog bites more or causes more injury than any other breed of dog. There have been cases of tiny dogs, under 20 pounds,

      killing or seriously injuring children. If Pit Bulls and similar breeds are outlawed or severely restricted, one of two things happen: criminals and irresponsible owners will continue to get their hands on the dogs and simply ignore laws, or they will turn to other breeds to suit their purposes. These bans are not the solutions. They only serve to displace and euthanize innocents. Enforce generic dangerous dog laws that hold owners accountable for the actions of their dogs regardless of breed. Enforce leash laws and EDUCATE the public! Stop making excuses for animal cruelty, neglect, and irresponsible ownership. There need to be huge fines for those involved in any inhumane or irresponsible activity with animals. Pit bull owners (myself included), you can keep track of anything having to do with Pit Bulls in the news, whether that's negative things like bite incidents or dogs at large or stories on pending legislation, and write letters to the editor that make sense. You can contact your own legislators and give them materials to help them formulate sensible dangerous dog laws that do not punish innocent pets of any breed and that do punish irresponsible owners. You can keep your dog well-socialized and well-trained and get him out in public a LOT to change hearts and minds one at a time. Lobby your city or town council to pass GOOD laws as a preventive measure. But

      whatever you do, get involved NOW - before it's too late. These dogs are a part of our families and this legislation is breaking alot of hearts. Those of us who know and love a pit bull know it has nothing to do with the stereotype status symbol labels that society has placed on them. The heart of a pitty is purer than gold. I am from Baltimore but now live in PA. I hate to think this mob mentality is perpetuating itself and spreading like wildfire. I cannot imagine living without my best friend and know many others feel the same. Please don't put us in this position based on innacurate perceptions and lies.

    • Kelly Garland HAGERSTOWN, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      Racism is the PITS!!! We are all taught not to be racist, and here our "great" state of Maryland is allowing racism! We need to ban together on this one. This country needs to realize that it's not the dog or breeds fault, it is the un-responsible owner that needs to be penalized. We don't act this way towards disobedient children, why would be act this way towards defensless animals? It is showing that poodles and beagles are more aggressive than pit bulls. People want to ban bully breeds? Those people need to look in the mirror, they are the bullies!

    • Chesha Weaver HILO, HI
      • over 2 years ago

      My family owns Pit Bulls and we own Dobermans. IT IS ALL IN THE OWNER in how they behave.


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