Divide n Rule
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Divide n Rule

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      INDORE, India

Please Save Indian Families.
The household chores we do it for ourselves and to help our near and dear ones, Salary for Household chores? “as published in news by Minister of Women and Child Development Ministry and wants to bring a law  in the name of women empowerment”


         With the passing time and with the increase in love/trust between husband and wife after marriage husband starts giving almost everything he earns and with the time he makes his wife nominee in almost every property without any pressure on him to do so. This the way it is happening from centuries.


Govt should be very sensitive and consider all points before drafting any such law should ask recommendation from all walks of society not a small part of system.

Please support in large numbers to stop enacting such gender biased law. 

Please Save Indian Families from vote bank politics "divide and rule".

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    1. Regarding unscientific proposal by Women and Child Welfare Ministry.

      Petition Organizer

      The entire nation has been watching in horror, dismay and shock the
      recent proposal from the Ministry of Women and Child Development that it will be mandatory for husbands to pay salary for housewives for
      household work.... read more on below link
      http://498amisuse. wordpress. com/2012/ 09/27/nfhs- strongly- condemns- wcd-proposal- re-salary- to-housewife- petition- sent-to-pm/

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    3. Once the salary law for household chores enacted the matrimony ads will be

      Petition Organizer

      Raja Jank invites for a suitable match for her daughter well qualified post graduation in hotel management, experience in working with ****** star hotel at different position, very good at managing Housekeeping; Kitchen (all national & International cuisine); Event management etc.
      Well trained even to perform household Chores on outside travel cap of 14 years (Van-Vas),required well qualified match who will be ready to give standing instruction for transferring X% MONTHLY SALARY (not less than 6 figures) directly to her sole account and restrict himself up to Maximum 2 children strictly by following our national policy “Hum do hamre do”.
      Please come to Swyamvar of my daughter on date 1.1.201X. You should come prepare to win the competition to fill the bullet in the Olympic shooting gun, you should be able to lift the gun and then hit the eye of revolving fish at the back side by seeing the image in the diamond necklace of my daughter.
      Age;cast;country;No bar

    4. Seven Vows In Hindu Wedding, (providing welfare) "not salary?"

      Petition Organizer

      Dear Supporters.
      Mrs. Krishna Tirath Ji might have forget (since 18.02.1976 as 36 years passed) that she also promised 7 vowes in her wedding and all other Hindu do, In first vows itself clear bride take responsibility of Household chores and she promise to discharge the same, when such contract witness by many guest attendees, where the question of Law making comes.
      Groom: My beloved, our love became firm by your walking one round with me. you will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide for the welfare and happiness of you and our children.
      Bride: This is my humble submission to you, that when you give me the responsibility of the home, food and taking care of the household activities, I promise you that I shall discharge all responsibilities for welfare of the all family members and children....7 I have become your spouse. Whatever promises we have, we have spoken in pure mind.
      Please read all 7 Vows: http://www.godmandir.com/vih.htm

    5. Story of Rs.1/- each

      Petition Organizer

      There was famous story of a Indian saint. King asked "How much do you want? saint says I want only 4 rupees, rupee one each for paying lone to my parents, investing one rupee for my future by spending it for my children, one rupee for donation to needy and wasting balance 1 rupee on my bitter half.

      I think this wastage Mrs. Krishna Ji wants to put to use to increase GDP of India.

    6. Nokri.com & Shadi.com may now combine.

      Petition Organizer

      Hi, 150 Supporters, Thanks for support .

      Please visit NokriShadi.com Soon WCD may make Nokri gifted to every girl if she does shadi.
      Want to stop, please sign petition.


      Petition Organizer

      Hi, 110 Supporters, Thanks for support
      This is the utter failure of the UPA-II on all economic fronts, due to very high corruption. Scams took away all the money Government may use to uplift the women. Huge numbers of youth including both men and women are unemployed and the minister of WCD had not done anything to increase employment of women. Now the next general election is due in year 2014 and to juggle the data they have created other way to show some employment of Home-Makers. Can government do something to offer suitable jobs or to create some jobs even for the Home-Makers? Home-makers will like to go for suitable job and support their families. Because Home-Maker does not have any opportunity for suitable job and earn they use the spare time in watching daily TV sops or chatting with others.
      It is time to ask questions:
      Please write letters to MP of your area: To ask questions in zero hours from WCD minister about unemployment and what WCD have done to create the employment.

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    9. If such proposed law enacted with retrospective effect

      Petition Organizer

      Silly (add on) idea can also be served by any such NGO, to have proposed law with retrospective effect.
      If so then, just calculate with a bare minimum applicable per day rate of each household chores such as Cleaning; Feeding; Educating Children; Bargaining Household purchases; etc. However all such actual work may have been carried out by domestic help and you had paid from your pocket, but managing all such help is lot of work as per them.
      Then you owe huge money to transfer in her Bank account up till recent past.
      So be batter prepare or oppose such law.

    10. Meeting with ministers of different state on September 17th & 18th

      Petition Organizer

      WCD ministry will discuss the silly idea with ministers of different states as stated in news.
      Please keep close watch and write opposing postcards to women welfare ministers and department of different states.

    11. WCD Ministry First use NREGA to empowered Household Chores worker.

      Petition Organizer

      If WCD ministry recognizing the Household Chores important national building work and should be paid salary by earning spouse, why can’t first Ministry start paying the 200 days minimum wages in a year to Single Lady, Widowed Lady, and all who are living old age who lives deserted life. Are they not doing House hold chores daily?
      The pilferage of money in this scheme is already accepted by PM, why can’t you stop and pay to create better example before disturbing family harmony for asking salary from spouse for household chores.

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    13. Good suggestion by one supporter.

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      India Government should pay back directly and credit the bank account with 50 percentage of Tax collected from earning salaried spouse their household worker for better empowerment, example Goa Government paying Rs1000/- who are doing House work Job only.
      So please promote this suggestion by signing this petition and sending postcards, as many ladies as we can.

    14. Household chores may attract the Service Tax as well.

      Petition Organizer

      Except 38 services are in negative list of Service Tax, It means The services rendered as Household chores will attracts the ST if it become paid service. discuss more...

      Economics Journal: Valuing the Indian HousewifeSearch India Real Time1
      > Article Comments India Real Time HOME PAGE »smaller

      > By Rupa Subramanya

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    Reasons for signing

      • almost 2 years ago

      When the wife does not get the money from her husband she will go to court. For each and every matrimonial issue they will run to court. Is this how the govt want to increase the GDP. Have they ever calculated how much male man days are already getting wasted with such biased laws which are proved to be mis-utilised in mass by greedy and ill intent young generation educated girls. This is not against girls, my petition is against those ill motive girls who mis-use marriage and its laws for their gains even if it costs unbelievable loss to her husband or her in-laws. I see marriages will be thing of past in the cities. Thanks to the Govt.'s biased laws.

      • about 2 years ago


    • Pawan Gupta HOWRAH, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      The society has been so unfair towards the men that they even don't heel the need to consult the men for any law which is going to affect their rights. The time has come to show that men are back , they can not shoulder any non-sense responsibilities of so ungrateful women.

    • ajaykumar Basuthkar PUNE, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Please stop disintegrating Indian families.

      Make gender neutral laws! Let elders of a family live their peaceful life with dignity!

      Every women going against husband family (troubling more persons for her lavish living) is itself a proof enough to authenticate that she is AGAINST WELFARE of husband family. Stop women from encouraging to be wife-in-law, daughter-in-law. If this trend continued, I am sure finally she will be person-in-law.

    • Gopal Chaphekar PUNE, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Indian cultural ethos


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