District Collector: Save the Govt. School in district Bundi (Rajasthan)
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District Collector, Bundi
Ms. Aarti Dogra
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District Magistrate : Bundi, Rajasthan
Mr. Shibkumar Aggarwal

District Collector: Save the Govt. School in district Bundi (Rajasthan)

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      Swara For Change

      Ghaziabad, India

Close to 350 school kids suffer every year because the school is under-staffed and lacks basic amenities including a playground for them to play in!

Madhyamik Vidhyalaya in Chandakhurg a village in Rajasthan,does not have enough teachers for close 350 students, theres no playground for the school kids to play and proper facilities of water don't exist. The school hasn't seen a designated head master in years.

I am a pass-out from the school, and currently working at a power plant in Chattisgarh. My dream was to become a journalist and report issues from rural areas in India, sadly financial issues in my family didnt allow me to do so.

I managed to reach where I am, because of my teacher who still teaches in the school. I want the future generation in my village to prosper and make us proud. Please help me in securing a better future for kids in Chandakhurg.

In 2004 i passed with third division from Madhyamik Vidhyalaya after I took private tuitions and support from one of my teachers, right now there are only 5 teachers for 350 students and a few of them dont even come on time since they ve been hired from a private institution.

The school staff complains of being understaffed and after hundreds of complaints to the District Collector there has been no action.

One of them said that "I have a responsibility of making ration cards, and other administrative work for the Govt. when will I get time to teach students"

The school requires immediate attention, even though the Govt. has introduced better facilitation through the Right to Education Act, hundreds of students in my ex school suffer everyday.

Please join me in telling District Collector of District Bundi to improve conditions at the Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Chandakhurg and create a better future for close to 350 students:

-- Provide more teachers, so that the students can perform better in their examinations and gain proper education.

--Make provisions for a playground for the students to play in. Right now the students have no place to do recreational activities.

-- Better water providion facilities, the staff has complained on several occasions and nothing has been done yet.

You can also call the DM Shivkumar Aggarwal 0747- 2443000 and ask him:

-- By when will Madhyamik Vidhyalaya of Chandrakhurd village get teachers

-- When will the students have a playground to play in?

-- Is he doing something to protect the future of 350 concerned students

Looking forward to your support,


Hakim Mohammed,

Chandakhurg village,

District Bundi



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    • Chetna Latkar GADCHIROLI, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      I really Appreciate to student, for taking initiative, I am with them.

      • over 1 year ago

      Because i want India to grow

    • Aditya Raj Aryan BIHAR, INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      it is required also all over india. kyunki ye sarkari officer to english sikh ke aate hain ias hain aur ek ias ke samjh me nahi aata ki govt. school me bachche q kam aate hain . jyada se jyada bachche private me jate hain , q ? q ki inke paas garibi nahi hai , jo garib hain wo govt. school me aate hain or bas dasvi v kar li to hindi medium me , isse kya hoga english aati nahi or achhi book to sirf english me aati hain chahe tum engineering karo ya doctor . kuch nahi ho sakta ish desh ka . agar bhai govt. school save karna hai to sidha jabab hai sare politicians and sarkari adhikario ke bachche ko govt. school me admission hona chahiye. bas dekho sare ke sare govt. school english medium ho jayenge or book v saste ho jayenge or school me achhe teacher honge .

    • manoj kumar INDIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Children are future of our country.

    • sreehari k THRISSUR (TRICHUR), INDIA
      • over 1 year ago



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