Stop the parole of Dennis Johnson on June 26, 2013

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      MarriskaD Law

I need 200 or more signatures to arrive at the District Attorney Seth Williams desk by June 24, 2013; in order to appeal a parole for the accused rapist criminal Dennis Johnson. I am just one of the women that he has choked and raped, the last woman who took him to court was body slammed; other woman are afraid to speak because they have been in jail, or do not understand their rights. I know that court system has so many waiting for trail that it is easy to allow some of them to be paroled and some are innocent
of the crimes, but Dennis Johnson is not. Every day I see where murders who only serve a year or so of their time are out on parole. This has to stop.
Please do not allow Dennis M. Johnson the accused of rape, assault, on woman be released on parole.

Stop the parole of Dennis Johnson on June 26, 2013

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