Discovery Channel/Outdoor Channel: Ted Nugent Poaching and Lust for Guns and Killing is Not Entertainment
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Discovery Channel/Outdoor Channel: Ted Nugent Poaching and Lust for Guns and Killing is Not Entertainment

    1. Leilani Massa
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      Leilani Massa


The Outdoor Channel filmed Ted Nugent as he hunted a buck too young to be legally hunted.
The episode aired in February 2010 on the show Spirit of the Wild. California Officials investigated this incident and found that the immature deer had been eating bait called C’mere Deer. Baiting wildlife is illegal in California.Ted Nugent was brought up on 11 charges of poaching, to which he pleaded no contest. He was fined $1,750.

Ted Nugent has once again pled guilty on April 20, 2012 to illegal hunting. This time, he illegally killed a black bear in southern Alaska. And like his previous poaching incident, he filmed and broadcast the events for his television show, "Spirit of the Wild" which aired December 2008.
As a result of the plea agreement, Nugent will pay a $10,000 fine and be on probation for two years. He'll also be banned from hunting or fishing in Alaska or on any U.S. Forest Service land nationwide for one year.

Further scrutiny by US Fish and Game of all 150 plus episodes of Spirit Of The Wild are expected to yield more hunting violations.

Poaching is a serious crime against animals. Poachers shoot animals out of season or beyond legal limits. Poachers often use illegal methods of killing, and kill protected species.

When approached about his illegal hunting after the deer incident he said: “My name is Ted Nugent and because of Pam Anderson ... and because of Paul McCartney, all the members of PETA, whenever I hear the word animal or rights in the same paragraph, I’m killing an extra hundred of something this year. I have unlimited deer tags in Michigan and Texas, and I don’t even need to kill them really, but I’m going to." Outdoor Channel claims that they have "always understood the delicate balance between man, wildlife and the environment" and that the core values of the channel are "conservation, outreach, responsibility and education", yet they have a show about Ted Nugent who is breaking the law by openly poaching animals on national television.

So what happened to Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild television show? Nothing. It remains on air. By blatantly hunting illegally, Ted Nugent does not follow the hunter's code of ethics and the Outdoor Channel is irresponsible by continuing to produce and air his show.

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    2. Discovery Channel To Air Special Starring Ted Nugent

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Direct quote from Ted Nugent on his Twitter feed October 1, 2012:
      TEDNUGENT'S GUN COUNTRY on Discovery Channel Wed Oct10 10pmET celerbating how 99.999% of American families enjoy allthings guns. Guns r good"

      On October 10, the Discovery Channel will air a special on gun culture in America starring Washington Times columnist and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent. In doing so, the channel will give mainstream treatment to a divisive right-wing figure who has made countless inflammatory remarks on the topics of race, religion, LGBT equality, politics, equal treatment of women, immigration, and vigilantism.

    3. Ted's Twitter Feed

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      His tweets show what a animal serial killer he is.

      On March 26, 2011 he sent this tweet:
      "Machinegunned 151hogs+9 coyotes from helicopter too beautiful for words"

      Jan 9, 2012:
      "Still killin extra critters for animal rights punks don't need to but i'm gonna keep killin just for them feeding the needy & pissinoff punks"

      Jan 23, 2012:
      "Pigman the Series is killer TV. Brian Quaca is the real deal killer sniper killer hunter killer TV dog killer sporter killer killer. Salute!

      Oct 20, 2010
      "It's the little things like a squirrel with my 22 revolver a brace of woodcock over Gonzo and a pretty arrow on a nice doe makes me oh so glow"

      His twitter feed goes on and on like this about killing anything and everything that moves. His fascination with slaying goes way farther than than just wanting to fill up the freezer.

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    5. Nugent Slaughters Hundreds of Hogs From Air - New Sportsman Channel TV Show

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Ted Nugent, a fully-automatic machine gun, a helicopter and an overpopulation of feral hogs … one can pretty much figure out what that combination leads to. In the trailer for an episode of ‘Pigman: The Series’ an announcer explains why the hogs are dangerous before Nugent and Brian “Pigman” Quaca take to the sky.

      Warning: the video below does not show blood, but it does show hogs getting killed and may not be suitable for work or all viewers. Nugent is featured prominently throughout the 2:45 long clip, offering such gens as ”It should be illegal not to do this,” and ”This is a perfect Sunday in Texas, and everybody remember you can’t do this in France.”

    6. Ted Nugent Brags About Killing Cats And Dogs

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Ted Nugent quote from Chris Nieratko interview:
      "You know, when I see a three-legged dog, I don't shoot it right away. I want to watch it dance around a while. I shot a f**king cat this morning. And when I went and retrieved it, it had this beautiful studded collar on it. I kid you not. For you city kids who might recoil in fear when I mention such things, believe me, there is an epidemic of feral dogs and cats in In this country that are spreading rabies and distemper and disease across the land. The only responsible thing to do is to kill them. I did a job for both you and me today. So I want you to just shut up and thank me. "

      Chris : "I think all cats should be killed regardless. "

      Ted: "Now you're talking, buddy. I did a terrible job because I used a 10 millimeter, and it just killed him instantly. I'd rather have him dance around like an Insane Clown Posse for at least a couple minutes before he dies. But next time I'll aim a little lower."


      Please promote my petition.

    7. Nugent: “Spiritual Erection” pursuing bear...small children,scared women...

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Hunting is undeniably an outlet for the Nuge’s animal instincts. “I hump the wild to take it all in,” writes Nugent, “there is no bag limit on happiness.” Ted and his trusty Labrador retriever, Gonzo the Wonderdog, get a “full predator spiritual erection” from pursuing “bear, lions, coons, housecats, escaped chimps, small children, scared women, and everything else that can be chased and/or hunted.” He also takes plenty of predatory digs at those he considers to be his human prey: He names a wild boar after Janet Reno (“the only thing missing was the purple dress and he-man haircut”), and describes the same boar as emitting a “Courtney Love-like squeal,” while the remaining boars mill around like “a throng of stoned, lost Grateful Dead fans.”

      Obviously Ted Nugent needs help. Please let Outdoor Channel know Ted Nugent is not entertaining.

    8. Nugent killed 169 pigs and 11 coyotes in one morning from a helicopter.

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      In an interview with Michael Butler of “The Rock and Roll Geek Show” on July 5, 2011 Nugent made the following comments starting at about 11:40:

      _“I was in a helicopter in Northern Texas in April with my M4 machine gun killing 169 pigs and 11 coyotes in one morning.”

      -“I’m only semi-Caucasian tonight so I might dance on your skull.”

      -Throughout the interview, Nugent burped President Barack Obama’s name saying, “That’s the only decent use of toxic gas by the way. Stating the President’s name.”

      In the interview, Nugent wasn't exactly sure why he was slaying all those animals with a machine gun.

      Ted Nugent has a killing problem. His unethical hunting practices and insatiable lust for taking life is setting a bad example for novice hunters everywhere. Please let Outdoor Channel know you feel the same and get Ted Nugent off the air.

    9. Ted Nugent bagged 52 big game animals in 17 states in less than one year.

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      This was from 1992. It's one more example of Ted Nugent's unnatural lust for blood.

    10. Ted Nugent's Wolf Hunt eBay Auction Caused Web Furor

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      I included this because it shows Ted Nugent's consistent pattern of unethical hunting practices.
      An online petition was posted opposing the eBay auction for a guided wolf hunt near Denali National Park and Preserve. The hunt was offered by outfitter Brent Keith of Castle Rock Outfitters in Healy. The money was to go toward Nugent's Kamp for Kids teaching children how to bow hunt and shoot guns.

      According to the eBay listing, the hunter and guide would use snowmachines over five days to hunt ''the Alaskan wolf'' in an area 10 miles north of Denali park. The hunter may kill up to five wolves, the listing said. Bids closed April 8, with the lone bidder paying $1,000.

      The listing quickly drew fire when someone noticed the eBay listing and posted an online petition opposing it on Alaska wolf advocates also oppose the hunt because of its proximity to Denali park, where they are trying to protect two widely viewed wolf packs.

    11. Real Hunters Don’t Shoot Pets

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Ted Nugent owns and runs canned-hunt operations in Michigan & Texas. In most canned hunts tame or semi-tame game species, reared in captivity, are placed in enclosures of varying sizes, and the gate is opened for the client, who has been issued a guarantee of success. Canned hunts are great for folks on tight schedules or who lack energy or outdoor skills. Microchip transponder implants for game not immediately visible are available for the proprietor whose clients are on really tight schedules. And because trophies are plied with drugs, minerals, vitamins, specially processed feeds, and sometimes growth hormones, they are way bigger than anything available in the wild. Often the animals have names, and you pay in advance for the one you’d like to kill, selecting your trophy from a photo or directly from its cage. For example, Rachel, Bathsheba, Paul, John, and Matthew were pet African lions that would stroll over and lick their keepers’ hands before they were shot in Texas.

    12. Ted Nugent Charged With 11 Deer Hunting Violations In California

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Nugent's “Spirit of the Wild,” is a four-time Golden Moose award winner on Outdoor Channel. He consistently rails against poachers and other wildlife criminals.It was with a double take of disbelief that 2 California game wardens sat down to watch the show and witnessed Nugent violate several Cal. hunting laws.The footage showed Nugent killing a “spike” buck.Killing such a young deer is illegal in California.It showed the deer feeding on a powdery material spread on the ground before it was shot.Investigation found this material to be a commercial deer bait. It"s illegal in California to hunt with bait. Aug 2010, California revoked Nugent's deer hunting license after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of deer-baiting and not having a properly signed tag. Nugent's loss of that deer hunting license through June 2012 allows 34 other states to revoke the same privilege under the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.Each state can interpret and enforce the agreement as they wish.

    13. Ted Nugent Pleads Guilty In Black Bear Kill

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Three years ago this May, the Nugent went on a black bear hunt in Southeast Alaska. It was filmed for Nugent's TV show Spirit of the Wild. He sat at a bait station and waited for a bear to show up. One did. He shot an arrow at the bear. The arrow hit the bear but it did not kill it and the bear ran off. The bear escaped its encounter with Nugent. Four days later, another bear was not so lucky. Nugent shot it, and killed it. Hunters regularly miss animals. Animals are sometimes wounded instead of killed. Ethical hunters track down the animals that they wound and put them out of their misery. Nugent did not.

    14. Officials investigating if Ted Nugent hunted illegally in South Dakota

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      This is an old article but it shows a pattern in Ted Nugent's behavior concerning lack of responsibility.
      The incident happened again while he was filming his show Spirit of the Wild.
      South Dakota has a law that “essentially says if you’re revoked somewhere else, you’re revoked here.”

    15. We have 264 signatures now! Good work everyone and Happy Mother's Day!

      Leilani Massa
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for helping to put an end to illegal hunting on TV. It's not a good example for our kids. Please keep spreading the word, 264 signatures is awesome but it's going to take a whole lot more to make an impression on the Outdoor Channel. Unfortunately there are thousands of Ted Nugent followers out there that condone the unethical poaching of animals and are fighting to keep the show on. We desperately need to show the executives at Outdoor Channel that there are more of us than them. Please keep up the fight and thank you all for your support.

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    Reasons for signing

    • William Power NEW HYDE PARK, NY
      • 9 months ago

      I fear Ted Nugent will talk an unstable person into doing something ugly if given enough time on TV. People with this much hate should not be on TV and should only ever be allowed to have a soapbox on a corner of a street wear they can speak crazy to a limited number of people at a time. The idea that Ted Nugent makes money doing this is sad. I will not buy anything advertised on Discovery Channel/Outdoor Channel and I will try to contract advertisers that work with Discovery Channel and the Outdoor Channel and tell them the same thing. Hopefully with enough pressure Ted Nugent will no longer be seen on TVs anywhere.

    • keith armistead CALDWELL, ID
      • 11 months ago

      This is important to me because i am a major ted nugent fan and a big hunter and it shocks me that he would do something like this.

    • Cedric Lutes MONTREAL, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      Turd Nugget needs to be taken off of the air, He is a racist bigot, white supremacist, poacher and horrible person.

    • Irene galicia ARVADA, CO
      • about 1 year ago

      The Bible actually has much to say in regard to animal abuse. In the beginning, God created the earth and all the creatures on it to be under the authority of humanity. He entrusted these beautiful elements of His creation to our care (Genesis 1:26). Our sinful nature causes us to abuse these things, sometimes without even realizing it. Yet, God expects the Christian, above all others, to be sensitive to all of His creation, knowing that exploiting or abusing it shows a disrespect for God Himself. Abuse of anything that God made is not the character of God, but rather of the Evil One.

    • Cole Hadfield KINGWOOD, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      All animals and their lives are important.


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