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Take down anti-wolf ad

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      Defenders of Wildlife

Anti-wolf sentiment once virtually eliminated one of America’s most iconic animals from the wild in the lower 48 United States. Wolf populations are only now recovering, but DIRECTV has launched a new salvo in the ages-old war on wolves in its latest commercial.

Wolves mainly avoid contact with humans and wolf attacks on humans are exceedingly rare. But that hasn’t stopped DIRECTV from propagating the myth that wolves are dangerous man-killers with their new commercial depicting a man fighting for his life against a wolf in the arctic.

This is a crucial time for wolf recovery, and DIRECTV is fueling anti-wolf sentiments that must be stopped.

A plan in Wyoming would allow wolves to be shot on sight in much of the state including national forests. Federal officials are considering aerial gunning of wolves in northern Idaho. And just 50 Mexican gray wolves remain in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico, where poaching remains a threat to these extraordinarily rare animals. 

At a time when anti-wolf hatred again threatens to run rampant, these animals – so important to natural ecosystems – can ill afford more negative stereotypes.  

Please send a message to DIRECTV today -- discontinue your anti-wolf advertisement and help ensure a better future for one of the world’s most often misunderstood animals.


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    • Brent Nolan SAN MATEO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Let's try and save all of the animals we can, before they are all extinct!

    • Joan Dahlberg INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      Wolves are precious creatures who deserve protection and care. We must do everything to preserve them. Please immediately stop the airing of the commercial that presents wolves in a bad light. Wolves are not killers. It takes so much effort to get protections for wolves. Irresponsible depictions of wolves destroy the efforts of good people who try to save wolves and other wild creatures from wanton destruction. Please remove the commercial involving wolves and never release it or any like it again. Thank you.

    • Guinard Laetitia CHAMPIGNY SUR MARNE, FRANCE
      • over 2 years ago

      Arreter ces massacres, l'homme est soit disant évoluer, j'en doute fort vu de quoi il est capable comme cruauté envers les Animaux sans défense!!! Et je dis bien sans défense car l'homme lui à de cruelles pensées et des armes, l'etre humain est capable du pire mais est loin d'etre aussi intelligent qu'on le pense pour faire ça, ils seraient temps que tout cela change et que l'homme évolue et considère les Animaux comme faisant partit des leur ce qui est le cas car se sont tout comme nous des etres Vivants!!! Arreter d'etre stupide et monstrueux, tout serait mieux!!! STOP

    • Jocelyn Slater FALMOUTH, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      The time for the "Red Riding Hood"-esque anti-wolf sentiment belongs in the past. ANYone condoning\encouraging people to kill any other animal is, and always has been unacceptable. Pull the stupid ad.

    • Joan Guidotti HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      What, we are STILL demonizing wolves?? Really people?? DIREC TV must pull this now. It's so false and twisted !


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